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Jaipur is considered to be the most romantic city that includes an exciting history. With a huge number of beautiful palaces and forts, Jaipur manages to attract a huge number of tourists all around the year, especially couples. Ranging from a lazy stroll in a windy garden to a candlelight dinner on the terrace of any royal palace, or to sip your favorite drink over the rooftop restaurant along with a stunning view of the city, and hot air balloon tripsthere are various things to do for couples in Jaipur. It would permit you to have some precious time together.

Visit RJ14 cafe

Head towards this cozy cafe that is highly ideal for dates and one of the most attractive places in Jaipur for couples. Relax at this stunning cafe and spend some romantic time with your special one without your pocket affected as the cafe is cost-effective. Savor the delicious meal with great service under the soothing sun and make your date a special one.

Hot air balloon ride

Admire the beauty of Jaipur from amidst the sky and explore various streets and palaces and praise the scenic beauty of the city. Make your ride a romantic hot air balloon ride with your special one and enjoy the picturesque beauty of the city with your beloved. Make your ride more romantic and unforgettable by doing some romantic gestures.

Visit Vajra Lebua resort

During your trip to Jaipur, you can’t afford to miss out on the chance to visit the most romantic place known as the Vajra-Lebua resort. This popular resort would offer you warm hospitality and a lavish buffet. Savor the exotic flavor of Continental and Asian recipes that would be a great fit for every couple. 

Experience live music at House of People

House of People is an ideal option for date night for couples. Enjoy the soothing live music while savoring delicious cuisine with your beloved. Enjoy hookah and make your evening much more special at this rooftop lounge. View this cozy sight from hot air balloon trips and make your trip more enjoyable. 

Spend time at central park

Central Park is another best destination for couples to visit in Jaipur. Spend some peaceful and precious time with your special one and feel the refreshing wind and sound of nature. Situated away from the bustling city, it seems to be the best place to relax and offers you the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner.

Explore enchanting Jal Mahal

For couples searching for the best romantic place to visit in Jaipur, Jal Mahal might be a great pick for them. The gorgeous sight of Jal Mahal situated in Man Sagar lake makes you feel connected with your partner. Ensure to click some romantic pictures with Jal Mahal as background, and admire its architectural design. You could do a camel ride and rekindle the affection between you and your partner. 


If you are planning to have a romantic visit to Jaipur, then you can’t afford to miss out on these places that allow you to spend some precious time with your partner. To make your journey more romantic make sure to do hot air balloon travel Jaipur and rekindle affection among both of you. For a more safe hot air balloon ride opt for sky waltz balloon safari as it offers you safe romantic rides with your partner amidst the sky.


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