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Delhi, the capital of India is the home to one of the country's largest mosques, Jama Masjid, vermillion Red Fort, and the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk. Delhi includes tremendous attractions both new and old, where visitors could enjoy the sight of various colonial buildings and ancient kingdoms with a touch of modern development. If you have enough energy to explore Delhi, there are various things to do in Delhi. Delhi also provides the most adventurous sport of balloon travel in Delhi which is very fascinating. Have a look over the list of things to do in Delhi.

Experience epitome of Mughal era - Red Fort

Red Fort is one of the monuments that no one should ever miss the chance to visit. This majestic Fort is designed with red marble and it showcases attractive Mughal architecture which leaves everyone awestruck. The fort includes Meena Bazaar, War Memorial Museum, Lahore Gate, Diwan I-Am, and Diwan I-Khas which makes it more beautiful.

Enjoy a hot air balloon ride

Experience a memorable best balloon safari ride amidst the clouds of the capital of India. Never miss the chance to explore the swag of Delhi from the sky. Nestle in a comfortable hot air balloon, and explore the sky with your loved ones along with the charm of the city amidst the clouds. Make your one hour cheerful by viewing the perfect look of Delhi from the sky.

Taste the delicious food of Chandni Chowk

Delhi is considered a heaven for all food lovers and the food of Delhi makes everyone drool. The delicious and mouth-watering food of Chandni Chowk is very much popular; if not tried with it, just savor the delicacy of the food.

Shopping at Dilli Haat

Delhi Haat is a very famous food plaza and craft bazaar and seems to be very vibrant and colorful with attractive handicrafts. The place remains bustled with tourists all around the year and is a popular place for shopaholics. Ranging from ethnic footwear, and dresses, to home decor and jewelry, you can avail everything along with tasty food as well.

Experience World Heritage Sight - The Humayun's Tomb

The Humayun's Tomb is a very beautiful spot along with a beautiful garden all around it and you can even experience its sight from the skies as well through the best balloon safari. The Tomb's architecture is stunning and the garden is highly maintained.

Visit to Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium is the best spot for kids as it provides information regarding stars, planets, and the moon. The Planetarium depicts the galaxy, solar system, universe, and activities of other heavenly bodies that seem exciting to kids.

Enjoy a picnic in Lodhi Garden

A day picnic at Lodhi Garden during winter is a very fun thing to do in Delhi and it provides relaxation to your mind. Taking books, packed food, outdoor games, mats, and pillows on a picnic would make your day more stress-free. Chill out while chatting and playing amidst nature and make your mind calm. You could enjoy this sight from the skies with balloon travel in Delhi.

Visit Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple is designed into a Lotus shape and is the House of Worship and it allows entry for people of all faiths and communities. One of the best places to achieve inner peace and rejuvenate one's soul.

The train ride at National Rail Museum

Know about the heritage, history, and glory of Indian Railways while visiting the National Rail Museum. Experiencing toy train rides seems to be very exciting for kids and via this ride you can spot various engines, machine parts, and various other things.

Strolling to India Gate

A walk to India Gate is the best thing to do in Delhi as its garden makes you feel refreshed and relaxed, especially post-sunset. Sit over the grass and relax with ice cream or by eating chips. You can even view India Gate from amidst the clouds via a hot air balloon near Delhi.


To experience all these places amidst the sky, search for hot air balloons near Delhi and enjoy the moment. Moreover, search for the best balloon travel company for a much better experience of Delhi amidst the clouds. Make your Delhi trip more enjoyable with a hot air balloon ride as it would be the most unforgettable experience in your life.

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