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Jaipur seems to be the best holiday destination if you desire to explore the lavish dosage of architectural view and imperial grandeur of the place. Exploring the edges of the Thar desert and the majestic ranges of Aravalli hills, the incredible place provides the tourists with an incredible opportunity for activities, especially balloon rides in Jaipur. Experience Jaipur's rich history, heritage, and culture along with the spectacular view of various monuments. Moreover, the warm hospitality of the local people of Jaipur would make your trip super memorable. Let's dive into various special things that you could do in Jaipur. 

Visiting Amber Fort

Amber Fort is situated on a rocky hill and the iconic fort would leave you awestruck with its majestic architecture and huge size. Make the visit more memorable, take up an elephant ride over the cobblestoned path that leads towards the main gate. 

Flying in a hot air balloon

Jaipur is famous for its rich culture and history along with its adventurous activities. Flying high in the air through a top balloon safari seems to be the most entertaining thing in Jaipur that you can't afford to miss. Explore the spectacular view of forts and landscape from the sky. 

Enjoy a puppet show

Traditional puppet shows are considered to be an integral part of Jaipur's culture that entertains travelers. The vibrant show depicts great stories that lead you toward the land of fantasies. An entertaining activity that would keep you enthralled. 

Experience delicious street food

Enjoy the delicious cuisine of Jaipur, especially street food, and mesmerize the taste. Street food of Jaipur is no less than a blessing and you could enjoy the bustling view of the market via hot air balloon JaipurEnjoy various street cuisines such as kachori, Mirchi vada, Jaipur omelet, and much more. 

Shopping at Bapu Bazaar

Bapu Bazaar is one of the best places for shopping purposes as the bazaar offers shoppers good quality, variety, and affordability. The bazaar allows you to shop for Mojri footwear, ethnic attires, camel leather items, Rajasthani jewelry, and much more. 

Movie watching at Raj Mandir cinema

Raj Mandir has become the most mesmerizing symbol of the city's entertainment that provides too much thrill. Ensure to take out some time from your trip and watch a movie in this beautiful complex. Also, explore the inner beauty that would leave you awestruck and have a view of it through hot air ballooning in Jaipur and soothe your eyes. 

Visit Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir greatly defines Jaipur's culture and architecture as it is the best piece of art to marvel at. Explore the stunning white marble that stands against the background of lush greenery and offers travelers a calm experience. 

Explore Galtaji Temple

Galtaji Temple nestled in a narrow pass among the Aravalli ranges provides you with awesome spiritual vibes. The temple is a great epitome of religious significance along with great architecture. View this popular pilgrimage heritage site via a top balloon safari along with its seven water tanks. 

Relish Chokhi Dhani 

Chokhi Dhani is considered to be an ethnic village-themed resort where you could achieve an opportunity to explore the city's culture and lifestyle, puppet shows, folk dance, music, and much more. Savouring Rajasthani delicacy serves as ice on the cake. 

Explore wax museum

Visit a wax museum that includes lifelike wax statues of various popular personalities and celebrities. You could even take pictures with these wax statues which could make your trip more memorable. 


Jaipur is more for experience rather than a destination point. And every time you visit this place, you would go back to various wonderful memories. Moreover, experience the adventurous balloon ride with skywaltz balloon safari services and begin your trip with the best activity.


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