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We’ve all seen the clowns and kids and big flashy balloons at events and carnivals, but how much does a balloon ride cost? How much do you need to get in order to enjoy a nice, high-flying balloon ride?

Read on as we explore exactly what it costs to go up with the — from how much it costs for two people to how long you are up there.

Read on to find out how much you can expect to spend on a balloon ride.

How Much Does It Cost to Ride in a Balloon?

If you are going up for a party or for the fun of it, the price of the hot air balloon ride is somewhere fixed. There is a certain charge for an adult and a little less amount for children. Say if you are booking the hot air balloon exclusive for your partner or self and do not want to share the ballooning experience with anyone else then the charges will go up then the regular as then it will be called an exclusive balloon ride, however if you are willing the share the best balloon ride with other passengers then the cost will remain generic. You can generally expect to pay Rs. 7500 (Children) to Rs. 12500 (Adult) per person.

Every time you’ll pay per person only because the hours you will be flying completely depend on the wind flow & direction. If you are looking for a discount on this cost, ask if there is a special deal or if they are running any occasional discount or may be festival offers. They might be willing to do something like that in order to get your business.

How long does a balloon ride last?

Now, this is going to vary depending on the wind flow & direction and also how warm or cold the atmosphere is in the morning hours. However the bookings are only taken in keeping the forecast of the next day/week so more or less an ideal ride can last somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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