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It is, indeed, available in Jaipur, India's pink city is the capital of the outstanding state of Rajasthan. Flying via the sky in a brilliantly coloured giant hot air balloon has certainly been at the top of our bucket list since we were children. Balloon rides in Jaipur are a dream for many people. The sight of stunning scenery from elevated above in the open air, floating in a basket being held across the skies, like an alien ship, has excellent aesthetic appeal. Hot air balloon rides seem to be a fairly new concept in India, with few individuals aware of it, in contrast to the west.

People in India are thrilled and interested in the opening of this recreational activity. Although a little expensive, this arrangement is ideal for a laid-back night away from the rush and bustle of city life. You can experience this activity because hot air ballooning is not known in many parts of the country.

Skywaltz Balloon Safari timings in Jaipur

What better way to encounter Rajasthan's rustic and royal charm than from a hot air balloon high in the sky? Rajasthan is an excellent destination for a hot air balloon ride in India due to its energy and unparalleled beauty. Glide smugly over the pink city at either Pushkar or Jaipur. You can visit the ornate palaces, chronological forts, and numerous lakes. You can also see the magnificent Aravalli Range while appreciating the city's breathtaking heritage. The ride lasts about 60 minutes and gets a maximum height of 4000 feet.

  • From September to March is the best time to visit.

  • Flight time: 60 minutes

  • Sites include Adventure Nation and Skywaltz.

  • The cost is roughly INR 6,000 for children under the age of 12 and INR 12,000 for adults.

Who builds hot-air balloons?

The most well-known balloon manufacturers for commercial and sporting purposes are: Ultramagic in Spain and Cameron Balloons are popular in the United Kingdom. Chaize in France, Schroeder Fire Balloons in Germany, Kubicek Balloons in the Czech Republic, Sky Balloons in the United States, and so on.

Some hot-air balloon fans design and build their own balloons. The Civil Aviation Authority and the Associations of Amateur Makers led their product and use. Because of the financial and emotional benefits, this activity is rapidly expanding.

How long does the balloon last?

With good and consistent care, the hot air balloon Jaipur can last between 5 and 20 years or 500 hours of realistic flight. When correctly cared for, the burner and basket will last longer.

Is a licence required to pilot a balloon?

The Civil Aviation Authority holds hot-air balloons as planes. A "hot-air balloon pilot licence" must be obtained by practicing with an educator, passing a theoretical exam on-air rules, meteorology, radio transmission, and balloon supplies, and passing a medical exam.

How do we direct the movement?

A hot-air balloon pilot's only choices are to heat the balloon to push it to ascend or to let it cool down, causing the balloon to land. Winds pick the horizontal direction. Indeed, relying on the pilot's altitude, different currents will blow in different orders and at various speeds. Thus, it is the pilot's capacity to recognize and deal with winds that will allow hot-air balloon navigation. Good knowledge of aerology is fundamental for a successful flight.


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