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A hot balloon safari is a common form of joy in other countries, but having one in India is as delightful as it sounds! Although the idea took some time to catch on in India, with the benefit of some good investment and welfare, there are now many sites that offer hot air balloon rides over some incredible scenery. Prepare to have the best and most memorable ride of your life. Here is a list of some of the best Hot air balloon adventures in India.

1. Maharashtra 

Lonavala in Maharashtra is an excellent gateway for Mumbai citizens and visitors. Hot air balloon rides are open from Kamshet near Lonavala, which is about 100 kilometers from Mumbai. Lonavala and its surroundings provide a charming, picturesque gateway to Mumbai. Lonavala, with its lush vegetation, sturdy forests, caverns, lakes, and dams, is the ideal place for this recreational activity. The balloon ride stays about 60 minutes and gets a maximum height of 4000 feet.

2. Goa

For many years, Goa has stood as the go-to destination for all group animals. However, Goa is more than simply a perfect blend of sun, sea, and sand; it also has a surfeit of recreational activities to offer. Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most compelling soft adventure activities known here. This great balloon ride will provide you with 360-degree views of Goa's stunning landscape. Visiting all the fun and frolic, as well as the extensive and unending boundaries of the sea, from high overhead is an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, you can see an unusual sunrise or sunset from distant sea horizons, which will certainly be a memorable experience.

3. Rajasthan

What more suitable way to encounter Rajasthan's rustic and royal charm than from a hot air balloon in the sky? Rajasthan is an excellent destination for a hot air balloon ride in India due to its energy and exceptional beauty. Glide smugly over the pink city at either Pushkar or Jaipur. You can visit the ornate palaces, recorded forts, and numerous lakes. You can also visit the majestic Aravalli Range while appreciating the city's breathtaking heritage. The ride stays about 60 minutes and gets a maximum height of 4000 feet. 

4. Delhi

You can now see the stunning panorama of our capital from a hot air balloon! The trip is scheduled around Delhi from Damdama Lake, Sohna, and Neemrana, and relying on the weather, morning breakouts can begin at 6:00 AM. It is usually held between the months of September and March. A hot air balloon ride outside the area permits you to float over the calm waters of Damdama Lake. Considering the city from above is a wild adventure that should not be missed. The balloon can fly up to 2000 feet in the air.

5. Karnataka 

What better way to see Hampi's monuments and cave sites than from hundreds of meters above the ground? Karnataka provides the ideal setting for a quaint and peaceful time raised on India's West coast. Quickly became one of the top destinations to enjoy SkyWaltz balloon safari in India. The balloon raises its passengers to a height of 500 meters. A hot air balloon ride delivers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the antique ruins like never before.


While there are countless opportunities to enjoy this fascinating recreational activity in our own country, we must exactly stick to its security instructions to provide a safe ride.

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