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Hot air balloon rides seem to be the most general idea of fun in a foreign land, but experiencing it in India seems more amusing. The concept has added fun adventurous activity, with the ultimate help of better interest and investment. Nowadays, you could find various places that provide balloon rides in India, that fly over certain exhilarating experiences. So, be ready to experience the best and the most amazing ride of your life that makes the trip more joyful. Let's have a look at some best hot air balloon ride destinations along with their cost. Witness the most pleasurable and exciting experience in India that provides certain great views. 


Maharashtra offers majestic hot air balloon travel in Lonavala that offers a great experience. The hot air balloon ride would take you over the lush green hills of the region, which are highly worthwhile. Mumbai residents could enjoy the ride and can make their getaway as the place lies only at a distance of one and half hours. 


  • Duration - 60 minutes.

  • Cost - INR 6000 to INR 12000 per person.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh offers some great views from the sky that would make the trip more enjoyable. The balloon rides in Indiaespecially in Uttar Pradesh allow you to express your love by taking your partner on a balloon ride. The balloon ride provides a great opportunity for those who desire to say three magical words to someone special. Apart from this, if the weather allows, you can view the amazing landscape as well. 


  • Duration - 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Cost - INR 500 to INR 750 per person.


Goa offers various adventurous activities and is the most desirable destination for honeymoon couples and party lovers. Every year, thousands of people visit the place to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the calming beaches. Furthermore, hot air balloon travel makes the moment more worthwhile. It seems to be the best place for those people who love to spend the loving moments of their life.


  • Duration - 1 hour.

  • Cost - INR 14000 per person.


Manali provides great views of hills along with soothing and calm weather. Experience breathtaking views of the amazing landscape via a hot air balloon ride. The beautiful view offers a great experience that makes the ride great.


  • Duration - 40 minutes.

  • Cost - INR 900.


Darjeeling serves as the best destination for hot air balloon rides and you can enjoy the ride in this amazing destination at affordable rates. Experience the look of beautiful mountains and landscapes and make your trip more adventurous by experiencing this fun activity. The ride usually consists of around 15 people and the major time to enjoy the ride is from October to May.


  • Duration - 45 minutes.

  • Cost - INR 1500.


Bhopal offers an adventurous hot air balloon ride that takes place at Jeet Stadium which takes almost two hours to complete. Experience the best aerial view of Bhopal along with a soothing view of the lake from above and make the trip more exciting. But, ensure to perform some research before planning for the activity as the ride is entirely dependent on wind movement.


  • Duration - 2 hours.

  • Cost - NA.


To enjoy the best hot air balloon ride, ensure to contact skywaltz balloon safari and make your trip adventurous and safe. The cost of a hot air balloon ride varies from place to place, but offers the same exciting ride and great adventure.

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