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Hot air balloon rides are the most unique experience that makes India stand out from the rest of the world. India is a country with beautiful land of incredible diversity and provides varied landscapes for the most unique hot air balloon rides. From various barren deserts to lush green forests, there are various beautiful places to take off from and land in. Hot air ballooning in India is the most charming and enchanting view that enchanted the people. This unique experience would provide you with a bird’s eye view of the landscape and you could enjoy the sky ride from the comfort of your seat. Here comes various beautiful places where hot air ballooning is organized in India. 


The beautiful place of Manali lies at a certain height above sea level that provides every tourist with an amazing view of the valley below. The city is enriched with snow-capped peaks and lush green mountains which makes Manali an ideal destination for a hot air balloon ride. Enjoy the various attractive places of Manali and rejuvenate your eyes with the soothing beauty of the place.


Jaipur is the most famous tourist attraction in India due to its architectural splendor, rich culture, and natural beauty. Hot air ballooning in Jaipur is the most popular adventure activity that every tourist wants to experience. The place possesses various beautiful parks that provide awesome views of the city sky along with surrounding areas. Hot air balloon Jaipur would make your trip the most memorable experience.


Darjeeling seems to be the best place to enjoy hot air balloon rides in India and the place provides various stunning views of the Himalayan range along with tea gardens. View the most spectacular sight of the Himalayan mountains along with various beautiful places that surround it like Bhutan, Sikkim, and many more. 

Madhya Pradesh

Hot air ballooning in Madhya Pradesh provides great opportunities that allow you to view various exotic sites of the place from the skies. Air balloon in Madhya Pradesh is the most unique experience that allows you to view various species of animals and various places that provide great memories along with a huge experience.


The hot air balloon riding experience in Lonavala seems to be the most beautiful experience to explore the charming view of the countryside. The experiencing balloon ride would allow you to enjoy the entire ride and you could even view the beautiful sunrise and could gather some amazing and exciting views of the trip. 


If you are planning a Goa trip then try a hot air balloon ride and ensure to explore various beautiful landscapes of the place. You could also grab an aerial view of various popular churches, beaches, and various other attractions of Goa.


Hot air ballooning in India is the most unique and fun way to truly enjoy the beauty of India and this unique experience is the most adventurous sport. It is a highly good option and is a worthwhile trip that should be on top of your list. It is the most unique experience that should be tried once in a lifetime. 


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