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To fly high in the skies in a vibrant and unique colored hot air balloon would be the most desirable wish topping the bucket list of many people. Riding in a hot air balloon is not less than a fantasy to many people. As this activity offers great aesthetic appeal. View incredible scenery from the skies, and float in a basket amidst the sky just like an alien ship. Although hot air balloon rides are a new concept in India, it has created curiosity and excitement among people. The introduction of the best balloon safari is a perfect engagement to spend the evening in the skies and away from the bustling city life. You can enjoy an amazing hot air balloon ride over various beautiful places that could offer you a gliding experience.

Ride in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a captivating and magnificent place that provides a great experience of hot air ballooning in Rajasthan over the magnificent forts and picturesque Aravallis. A huge number of tourists indulge in a hot air ballooning experience every day that depicts its worth. Enjoy the 360-degree view of Rajasthan and view the royal land of Maharajas and acquaint yourself with history. Moreover, you could propose to your special one amidst the sky and amidst the golden hues of sunset. Return home with memorable memories of balloon travel in Rajasthan and make your trip more worthwhile.

A beautiful ride in Goa

To experience hot air balloon rides over seas in Goa is one of the most exciting things to do in winters and summers. Enjoy the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea during your cozy ride in a hot air balloon and also grab an opportunity to float in the sky with your partner or with your family. Capture the breathtaking view of the sea cliff and sunset view in your camera and make your ride an unforgettable one. Enjoy the beach view from a certain height and mesmerize the glistening sea flowing on land.

Ride in Karnataka

Karnataka is a very beautiful and historical place. So a hot air balloon ride over this place would be surprising and exciting. Admire the huge number of temples and various historical ruins that could overwhelm you. Karnataka establishes a hot air balloon festival in December-January that is very much enjoyed by tourists and locals as well. Make sure to keep your cameras ready just to capture the land view from the clouds.

Exotic ride in Uttarakhand

Viewing the foothills of the Himalayas from the vibrant hot air balloon basket as the sun sets or rises is worth remembering. Enjoy the hot air balloon safari along with a river rafting adventure and carry your camera to capture the view of splendor valleys from certain heights. The scenery looks so gorgeous due to lush green valleys and snow-covered Himalayan ranges. The scene looks so graceful that leaves no stone unturned to attract tourists. View the calming Ganges and its surroundings and refresh your mind and soul.

Great ride in Madhya Pradesh

Enjoy the hot air balloon near Madhya Pradesh that offers you an awesome view of the landscape and makes you mesmerized. Experience the Bandhavgarh balloon rides from a certain height and view various types of animals and birds. 


A hot air balloon ride is highly fascinating as you can grab a breathtaking view of gorgeous surroundings. A hot air balloon ride is just like floating in the air and leaving all your stress down on earth. The hot air balloon rides are extremely safe and comfortable and provide a great view of various places that could awestruck you. 


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