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Rajasthan state is greatly distinguished by its fabulous monuments, and every monument reflects the glory of the ancient age. All vibrant features like its culture, traditions, and heritage lend this state a characteristic flavor of its own. Rajasthan witnesses a huge number of tourists from across the world explore its huge mansions, ancient temples, stunning lakes, and unexplored forts, and the more unique adventure known as hot air ballooning in Rajasthan. Explore the unique topography and landscape along with various exciting adventurous sports. Experience varying thrilling activities ranging from paragliding to jeep safari, and some other activities offer a different side of Rajasthan. Here is a list of various exciting adventurous activities that you should try in Rajasthan.


Parasailing is the most exciting adventure activity in Rajasthan that you must try in Rajasthan. Experience the adrenaline rush in your body along with the stunning view of the surroundings. This activity is an ideal sport as the place provides spacious, vast, and open countryside, but it is recommended to perform the activity under professional supervision. This activity would provide you with immense enjoyment and safety.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot balloons in Rajasthan offer every traveler an unforgettable experience that would allow you to glide through desert lands, lakes, majestic palaces, and forts. The exotic ride allows you to soar high in the air and provides you with a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscape of dunes, stunning desert view, and oasis. Moreover, view the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise that would make you calm. Also, ensure to take the camera with you during the ride to take captivating pictures of the view.

Zip line

Zip lining is another famous adventurous activity in Rajasthan that provides tourists with thrilling aerial rides. Experience the magnificent view of the colorful landscapes along with an adrenaline rush through your body. Witness the zip lining activity via Rajasthan air balloon ride and experience two adventurous activities at the same time. Along with the view of the desert, majestic forts, lakes, and forts, adventure and thrill are your utmost companions of you. 


Explore Rajasthan by cycle and witness various beautiful destinations along with enjoying the diverse geographical diversity of the state. Through cycling in the city, you could experience the people's lifestyle, culture, and many more things. You could even view this cycling trail via hot air safaris and make your ride more pleasurable. Cycling is itself a most enjoyable experience and by cycling, you could achieve the freedom to explore any popular destination as per your leisure.


In earlier times, trekking was only limited to hill stations, but now, trekking acts as a most enjoyable activity that could also be done in Rajasthan. Trekking seems to be a thrilling sports activity in the Aravalli range that could also be witnessed from hot air balloon rides. The trekking route includes varying hotels, however, it is recommended to stay in haveli just to experience the delicious cuisine and culture of the state.

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