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A hot air balloon ride could be considered to be the most joyful experience and you don't need to worry about anything. At times, it could be nerve-wracking, but it would be safe as well. Hot air balloons are considered to be one of the safest and are highly safer than helicopters and airplanes. If you are too nervous to fly above the skies in a hot air balloon, here are a few things that you need to consider during a balloon safari.

Proper training

Hot air balloon rides should be licensed and pilots should possess proper training, for that you require to spend lots of hours with your instructor. Best balloon safari includes trained pilots who have undergone every test.

Appropriate weather

Weather is considered to be the major reason for making balloon rides so safe. Generally, hot air balloons near Delhi take off a little before sunset and a little after sunrise as at that time the wind blows slowly. If the weather conditions are dangerous, the pilot could cancel your hot air balloon ride.

Bulk information

Hot air balloon pilots are more highly equipped with lots of information than others and due to this information, only pilots ensure their passenger's safety. But, you should catch up on hot air balloon accidents information as well and try to lessen the risk.


Modern technology has made it easier for pilots to get lots of information, especially statistical information to achieve a safe and secure flight. Pilots could follow storm and weather patterns and could make use of radar to make the ride the . Modern technology has made the adventurous ride a much more safer and manageable experience.

Best time for balloon travel in Delhi

Enjoy a memorable  above the starry atmosphere and amidst the clouds of the capital of India. The various popular spots for this unforgettable experience are Sohna, Greater Noida, and Gurgaon and the flight continues from September to March and around 6 am or 9am. This time is considered to be the most suitable time to float in the air along with birds and calm wind. Make your one hour most joyful and precious by viewing the awesome look of Delhi from among the clouds.


Hot air balloons are much safer than airplanes and fly at lower heights to make them safer and fly with slow and steady speed. To enjoy a more safe and enjoyable experience, search for the best balloon travel company. If you feel good about that company, go with it and enjoy every moment with no stress and worries in your mind. 


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