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There would be a high possibility that you could be searching for some type of adventure in Delhi, a charming city with various attractive landmarks, monuments, and captivating views that one could enjoy. What about experiencing all these views from the sky via hot air balloon travel? Sounds interesting enough! A hot air balloon ride seems to be one of the unique experiences to view in Delhi. The most common locations that these rides cover are Sohna, Damdama Lake, and Neemrana. 

Delhi has proved itself from time to time as “Dilwalon ka Sahar” and is one of the best places to explore history. Ranging from museums, markets, historical monuments, and street food, to cultural and amusement parks; Delhi is a hub of fun that serves people of all kinds. Moreover, enjoy this spectacular view from above via balloon travel in DelhiWhatever be your choice, age, and taste; Delhi would never disappoint you. Here is a glimpse of why you get excited during a hot air balloon ride.

Spectacular view

Delhi seems attractive from the ground, but can you just imagine how captivating it would look from the sky? The view seems to be more enchanting through a hot air balloon ride in Delhiyou would feel overjoyed by watching the bustling markets and magnificent monuments from the sky.

Feeling of freshness 

When the pilot of your hot air balloon reaches its maximum height, you would be the one with sky and wind. Take a deep breath and experience the refreshing air of Delhi around you and you would be away from the hassling life of the city for some time. Balloon travel in Delhi could stun you with silence and help you to grab peace. 

Things to know about hot air balloon ride in Delhi 

Plan your trip in Delhi or around Delhi via hot air balloon ride – the most interesting and unique way to feel calm and stress-free. Moreover, enjoy the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise and according to weather conditions, morning flights begin from 6 am before sunrise when the weather remains cool and soothing, while evening flights begin from 4 pm after sunset. The hot air balloon rides in Delhi are usually organized from September to March when the weather remains cool and soothing. 

You could also float over the soothing water of Damdama Lake during your hot air balloon ride over it. Watching the beautiful city from a bird’s eye view could be a unique adventure that should not be missed. Just live your 45-60 minutes while watching the city from amidst the sky and that too from a height of 800-5000 ft. The hot air balloon ride would be much more enjoyable for kids as it would be an entirely new experience for them. 


A sky balloon ride in Delhi is the best way to experience Delhi from a close perspective as you drift over bustling bazaars, marvelous monuments, and breathtaking landscapes. Make your hot air balloon ride more memorable with a top balloon safari and rejuvenate your soul with the most eye-catching view of Delhi. Moreover, the city’s panoramic view would excite you more and you can’t hold yourself to getting into a hot air balloon ride. Soar high into the skies with the help of the best balloon safari company and enjoy the most out of Delhi.

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