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Are you looking for capturing breathtaking views? Then, consider taking a hot air balloon ride and fulfilling your bucket list wish. Wander through the sky instead of wandering on the pavement to be a most joyous traveler. Instead of exploring the glorious beauty of the landscape on foot and among crowds, try for a hot air balloon safari and view the stunning sights without any kind of interruptions. Experience the calm rivers, majestic palaces and forts, and some bustling streets along with the lush greenery of various places. Now, as you have planned to explore India most uniquely, you need to consider some things before booking a hot air balloon ride to make it more pleasurable.

Making booking directly with an operator

The first thing to know about hot air balloon rides is that they are expensive and there are several fake cheap balloon rides online. So, to avoid these scams, ensure to book your hot air balloon rides directly with an operator instead of any third-party sellers. Protect yourself from third-party sellers as they would provide you with misleading or false information. 

Ensure the flight's crew includes professionals

Hot air balloon rides are a very exotic experience but they could sometimes be highly problematic just because of ever-changing weather conditions. Offering hassle-free and smooth adventurous hot air balloon ride for tourists who need a professional flight crew on the ride. Therefore, the operational staff and flight crew should be very experienced in serving great hot air balloon service. 

Book one month before the ride

During peak times like April, May, June, September, and October, every hot air balloon ticket gets sold out entirely three weeks before the start of the ride. So, to secure your place in the skies of India, you require to book your hot air balloon flight as early as possible and before one month of the rides. You could also avail yourself of various advantages of booking such as discounted price and could take better hot air balloon ride experience.

Ensure to provide the address of your accommodation

Keep in mind that during your visit to India, the address of your accommodation should be in India or should be in a specific city that you are planning to visit. If you reside out of the specific city's towns, you could be charged additional drop-off and pick-up service fees. Also, make sure to provide the hot air balloon company with the exact address of your accommodation so that the pick-up and drop-off facility could become easier.

Avoid booking flight via the hotel

As certain hotels take a commission on hot air balloon bookings, you could get overpriced. And, to double their commission, the hotels would make the booking with a company that offers them a cheap retail price. This would indicate that you could have a flight with a poor

balloon operator, so to prevent this make your hot air balloon flight bookings directly. 


Sky waltz balloon safari is a professional and experienced company that offers great hot air balloon rides along with immense safety. During booking time, the booking department assists you with your inquiries to make your booking procedure simple and rapid. The unique idea of flying over the skies of India sounds so exciting that you don't require to get into much detail. Therefore, to avoid your balloon ride turning into a disappointment, you need to consider some things beforehand and book your balloon tickets smartly.

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