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To go on a hot air balloon ride seems to be an exciting experience and should be done once in a lifetime. Ensure that you are properly prepared for this unique experience and if you are experiencing the ride for the first time, you need to know about what to wear during hot air ballooning. If you don’t possess appropriate attire, your ride could become much less comfortable and could damage the experience. As the unique rides are very expensive, it would be best to search for a way to enjoy the unique experience by being properly dressed. Here comes the entire information about what to wear during a hot air balloon ride.

Bottom wear

According to the time of the year when you plan for a hot air balloon ride, you need to select between shorts and pants. For the most part, pants seem to be the best option as many hot air balloon rides occur in the morning or during sunset. Whatever you wear, either shorts or pants, you need to ensure that they are comfortable. If you wear tight shorts and pants, it could become difficult to get out of the basket quickly. 

Top wear

When it comes to top wear for the best balloon safarimake sure to consider the weather and wear accordingly. If you plan for a ride in the middle of summer, there are chances that you require to wear short sleeves and ensure to incorporate some layers. And, according to temperature, ensure to have two to three layers. It is recommended to wear a t-shirt and over the t-shirt search for lightweight that could cover your arms. For the final layer, you are required to wear a sweatshirt or jacket.


Various people don’t get out of their house without sunglasses while some others need to be continuously reminded to put them on. And, if you are that person who travels with sunglasses, then in a hot air balloon ride you surely require them. Wear sunglasses as you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Sunglasses would greatly help you to catch every view. 

Comfortable shoes

As comfortable clothes are essential, comfortable shoes are much more crucial as in a hot air balloon basket there is no space to sit down. You are required to stand the whole time, and if you don’t put on comfortable shoes it would become difficult for you to entirely enjoy the ride. During getting on and off, you are required to climb a little bit, so wearing comfortable shoes is pretty essential. It is recommended to wear tennis shoes or sneakers as they would be most comfortable.


A hat is another crucial thing to wear during hot air ballooning as a hat could be a better piece of attire. Hats could protect your head and face from the sun and would offer lots of shade just like sunscreen and sunglasses. Hats are smart things to wear due to the heat you would be exposed to in a unique hot air balloon ride. It is recommended to wear a baseball cap that is good fitting. As it would ensure that it won’t fly off during the ride. 


Proper and comfortable clothing is required during SkyWaltz balloon safari as it would allow you to enjoy the ride most appropriately. Don’t look for fashionable clothing as it would destroy your ride.

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