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Pushkar is one of the most pious towns in India that offers interesting experiences and provides a sneak peek into the traditions and customs of India. The place possesses vibrant and captivating energy and also maintains the feel of a village. Experience the best balloon ride in Pushkar and enjoy the perfect view of a rich cultural place. Whether you are an adventurer or a culture lover, this majestic place would provide you with a beautiful view of landscapes while flying high in a hot air balloon. Fly over the eye-catching forts, majestic palaces, and calm lakes, and enjoy the picturesque view of the place. 

What to wear on balloon travel in Pushkar?

Have an upcoming plan for a top balloon safari? Go ahead, but it is highly essential to be prepared to stay comfortable and calm. To look at the place from a bird's eye view in open and refreshing air is a very calm feeling, but suddenly you become aware of what you are wearing. Is the outfit suitable for this hot air balloon ride? This stress could become frustrating, but this list of what to wear could relieve your stress.

Wearing sunglasses

As your best balloon ride in Pushkar would be outdoors it would be a great option to carry your sunglasses. Ensure to consider the time of your balloon ride, as during sunset or sunrise sunglasses would help you to enjoy the captivating sights more.

Wear comfortable shoes

Hot air balloons are not very spacious, and there would be chances that you might have to share your ride with other passengers. You would be standing all the time so wearing comfortable shoes would be a great option. Wearing appropriate footwear could make your landing and get into the balloon easier. 

Avoid dresses and skirts

While the view during the air balloon ride in Pushkar is gorgeous, landing and getting into a hot air balloon basket won't be easy. Depending on terrain and weather, landings could be bouncy and the hot air balloon basket could have some friction against the land sometimes. However, skirts and dresses are not a restriction on a hot air balloon ride. Still for your safety and comfort ensure to wear flexible pants that would be much more friendly as you need to enter the basket itself. 

Why fly in the best balloon ride in Pushkar?

To fly high amidst clouds in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable experience that most people wish for. The majestic view of Pushkar from the skies would make your jaws drop and hearts pop into excitement. You will experience an adrenaline rush in your body by the panoramic view of the place and the feeling of freedom. To be in the sky just like birds amidst clouds and enjoying the calm moment and landscape of the place is something unique. 

Why choose the sky waltz balloon safari?

SkyWaltz promises to offer you a memorable adventure in Pushkar that will leave behind its memories in your heart. Sky waltz balloon safari provides awesome hot air balloon rides in Pushkar every year in our events from October or November to April and the captivating rides last for almost one hour. The team includes experienced pilots from around the globe along with the safe operation of the ride. It makes the adventure most thrilling and indelible which should not be missed and everyone should enjoy the hot air balloon ride once in their lifetime.


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