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General Info

Name: The Substitute Teacher

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Date of Release: Apr 7, 2015

Predators: Jessica / Samantha

Number of people eaten: 43

The Substitute Teacher is a story written by PaoGordo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Jessica, a substitute teacher who eats the students, and meets Samantha.


Part 1

After Miss Ellen goes missing, the principal in a school hires Jessica as a substitute teacher. Jessica comes in in an overcoat and begins her lesson. She takes her coat off, revealing a very sexy and inappropiate for a teacher outfit, and even shows off her belly. She hands a test which contains questions too hard for the students. When some students doodle some drawings on it she takes four of them ot the principal.

Part 2

The principal is appalled with Jessica's outfit and tells the children to wait outside his office while she writes a penalty. Jessica eats the principal and then starts calling the students one by one inside. The last one manages to escapeand run back ot the classroom to warn the others. Jessica comes back and swallows the boy. The students are paralyzed with fear and Jessica looks at the other tests. She decides to "put them all in detention" and starts with Samantha.

Part 3

Samantha walks to Jessica’s table and the substitute prepares to eat her. But Samantha tells her she will eat her. She starts to chase her and chaos erupts. Jessica uses other children to make Samantha too big to move, but the little girl sucks Jessica inside. Her big belly blocks the way out and Samantha then eats the rest of the chuildren. After an hour the parents come to pick their children and their eaten too. Imprints of their bodies are visible on her belly, but one by one they disappear and in the end they're replaced by one imprint - Jessica's.



A substitute teacher with goalof eating students. She's responsible for eating Miss Ellen, the children's current teacher, and a number of students in another school, which forced it to close. She's 6’ tall woman with brown hair and gry eyes. She's wearing a overcoat, knee high boots, tight white shirt, miniskirt and glasses. She's a very sexual woman, spoke in a sexy voice teasing her soon-to-be meals and her clothes accentuated her shapely DD breasts, ass and legs.


Samantha is an always hungry child. Jill is her babysitter.


A group of 20 students (including Samantha).


Principal of the school. With vacations close she hired Jessica who was the only available teacher.


Parents of the children.



  • Current canon of the work is hard to discern. It's either non-canon or happening after Jill met Samantha in 'Fun in hide n seek'.

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