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General Info

Name: Merry Christmas! - from Jill and Emily

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: ICUdhara

Date of Release: Dec 22, 2020

Predators: Jill

Number of people eaten: A lot

Merry Christmas! - from Jill and Emily is a comic produced and written by PaoGordo and drawn by ICUdhara. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Jill and Emily punishing some naughty children.


One day Emily brings Jill to school. Jill is wearing a sexy santa outfit and Emily is wearing an elf suit, but more modest. The redhead introduces herself as the substitute teacher and tells the students Emily prepared a year-end list of them and they’re all naughty. The students become a little bit nervous when Jill tells them she will talk to each one alone in an office. The students line up and one by one enter the office, but no one leaves it. When one of the boys enters, “invited“ by Emily, he see Jill lying on her massive belly filled with the other students. The imprints of their heads are crying in fear in distress. Emily pusheshim forward and wishes him Merry Christmas. He is quickly swallowed. Jill says the naughty list was very long and burps out a pair of shoes.Emily lies on the belly and tells her she’s welcome.



Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off. She takes care of Samantha who's even more hungry than her.


Gabi's younger sister, Emily is a high school student who is addicted to watching vore (as she cannot eat people herself). She spends most of her time browsing Eka's Portal, and devising ways to force her sister to swallow and digest people. Since she is obsessed with vore, she will gladly sacrifice her friends just to see Gabi with a fully stuffed and enlarged stomach.


Students at school. According to Emily they are all naughty.





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