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General Info

Name: Fun in Eka's Portal 2

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: Usatsuki

Date of Release: Feb 7, 2020

Predators: Gabi

Number of people eaten: 5

Fun in Eka's Portal 2 is a comic produced and written by PaoGordo and drawn by Usatsuki. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Gabi meeting more people willing to have fun at Eka's Portal.


Gabi decides to have more fun and find more prey on Eka's Portal. She contacts Someone and arrange a meeting.The next day Gabi comes to a girl called Anna.She and her four friends eagerly wait for Gabi. Gabi gets naked and announces she's ready. The girls see Gabi and one of them (Melany) says she's even prettier than she imagined. Gabi locks the door and gropes Anna's breasts,asking her with should she start. Anna proposes she starts with Ellen and Gabi agrees. She tells Ellen to lie down, because she wants to eat her feet first. As Gabi swallows her, Ellen canno hid eher exictement. After that the reactions are mixed: Anna is indiferent, an African-American woman is excited and the rest of prey girls are scared. The African-American woman asks to be next and Gabi swallows her in the same manner.

Some girls try to open the door and escape. Gabi asks Anna if she warned the girls about what was happening to them. Anna responds they just thought she was lying. She grabs Melany and feeds her to Gabi. As Gabi is near the feet, she grabs Anna's arms and pulls her to her mouth. Anna is a bit surprised, but she ends up insde Gabi anyway. The last girls starts to cry and begs for mercy. Gabi walks to her starts to touch and kiss her. When she breaks the kiss the girl starts to suck on Gabi's tit. When the girls calms down a little bit Gabi opens her mouth and eats her. She slurps the girl and with a burp expells her underwear. Inside some girls fight and try to find a way out, and some of them have sex. Gabi climaxes with the struggling girls inside of her. She's quite happy the girls are going to have some fun, but she also woories about the size of her breasts after.

The ext day Gabi checks her laptop in slightly ripped clothes and says she has to go on a diet and stop using Eka's Portal because everyone wants to be eaten.



Gabi's younger sister, Emily is a high school student who is addicted to vore. She spends most of her time browsing Eka's Portal and devising ways to force her sister to swallow and digest people. Being obsessed with vore, she is able to sacrifice her friends just to see Gabi with a full stomach.

Girl 1

Ellen is very excited to be eaten. She has brown hair and is wearing pink lingerie.

Girl 2

An African-Amercian woman. she's also excited to be eaten.

Girl 3

Melany has purple hair, andwears yellow panties. She gets scared when Gabi starts to eat.

Girl 4

Anna aranged the meeting between her, the girls and Gabi. Her username is Predilect_Prey. She is only wearinf red panties.

Girl 5

A girl in green underwear. She thought Anna was joking about being eaten.





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