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General Info

Name: Night of the Nightmare Delivery

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Date of Release: Sep 3, 2015

Predators: Lucy / Jessica / Samantha

Number of people eaten: ~54

Night of the Nightmare Delivery is a story written by PaoGordo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Lucy ordering some food to eat the delivery boys, and one delivery girl. The story is divided into three parts. 


Part 1

Late in the day woman named Lcuy becomes hungry. With an empty fridge she decides to order a pizza, but when the attendant ask for a flavor, she responds it's not important. Lucy makes sure she looks hot in the mirror for the delivery person. When the pizza boy comes Lucy orders him to put it on the talbe while she locks the door. The boy thinks Lucy is going to have sex with him, but she shoves a slice of pizza in his mouth to muffles his screams while she eats him. While the boy struggles inside her she grabs the phone and order Chinese food.

Part 2

The chinese food delivery boy comes and is surprised to see a whole pizza. Lucy explains she wanted both pizza and Chinese food and complains she looks ugly with a giant belly. The boy thinks she's just pregnant and tells her she's beutiful. Lucy allows him to touch her belly. When he does it an imprint of the pizza boy calls for help. She eats him and then calls for burgers and Italian food. Two delivery people - a boy and a girl - enter. Lucy tells them to wait while she finishes showering. The burger boy says his name is Aaron and the girl introduces herself as Jill.

Part 3

After a couple of minutes Lucy enters the lving room with a massive belly. Knowing they wouldn't belive in pregnancy, she openly tells them she's going to eat them. When they try to escape Lucy shows them a key to the apartment. They run to the bedroom and Jll pushes him so she can escape. Jill thinks how to escape while Aaron is eaten. Lucy orders jill to come out, and when Jill refuses she starts to punch the door, trying to break into the room. When Lucy tries to ram into it, Jill opens the door and Lucy falls on the ground. Jill ties her up and orders her to spit out the boys. Theo boys are quite happy, but their happines ends when Jill swallows all of them. Jill thanks Lucy for the meal, and when she threatens her with revenge Jill eats her too. Jill comes back to the restaurant where she works and more than fifty people were eaten by Samantha. She tells Jill she's still hungry, to which Jill responds that she's always hungry.



A a single woman in her mid 30’s living alone in an apartment near the town center. She has brown hair, green eyes and brunette skin. She has big breasts and ass. She's capable of eating people.

Delivery Guys

A pizza boy, Chinese food boy and burger boy.


Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off.


Samantha is an always hungry child.



  • Current canon of the work is hard to discern. It's either non-canon or happening after Jill met Samantha in 'Fun in hide n seek'.

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