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Age: ?

Height: ?

Three sizes: ?

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Max people eaten: None

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Evelyn and Jacob are characters in the Gabi and Emily Universe. They are parents of Gabi and Emily. They were created by PaoGordo in 2015.


The are both middle-aged adults. Evelyn has blonde hair, and Jacob has brown. He also wears glasses. 


They are very protective of their girls, espisecally Gabi, who's capability to eat other people made them move towns. After other accidents, they decided that the best way to control Gabi's appetite was to feed her with the pizza delivery boy once a week. Even with older Gabi, they still maintain this tradition and promote the pizza night every week.

Raising the oldest daughter on a people-based diet distorted Evelyn and Jacob's sense of ethics and morals. Their unconditional love for their daughters makes them sacrifice dozens of people to keep Gabi's secret. Despite this dark side of their lives, they are nice people and great neighbors.


On their ninth anniversary they discovered their 7-year-old daughter Gabi has swallowed her babysitter. Concerned about what could happen to their daughter if made public, her parents decided to hide it. After a second accident where Gabi swallowed the neighbor, her parents decided that it would be better to feed her daughter once a week, choosing the pizza delivery boy. This created a routine where the family ate pizza and Gabi ate the delivery boy. This routine managed Gabi's hunger initially, reducing the number of accidents. However, the arrival of adolescence increased the number of accidents where Gabi swallowed several people. Due to that , Evelyn came up with a rule for gabi. " Do not eat in public but if you do, then leave no witnesses." This rule has lead Gabi to consume copious amounts of people all at their encouragement to keep her secret.

The couple tends to serve as emergency transportation for Gabi after a binge. They have been called on multiple occasions to her location, arriving to see Gabi with a massive belly full of desperate and struggling victims .the duo will then load Gabi in the truck and drive her home to assess the damage. In other situations , the duo have helped to capture and feed people to gabi. As shown in the " Fun in the Hotel " story. Jacob and eveylynn are not afraid to get their hands dirty if it means protecting their daughter.



The couple really loves their daughter, so much so that they are willing to excuse Gabi's appetite and protect her. there is no onne , that they wont sacrifice to protect her secret. Entire families have gotten eaten and they are willing to joke about it with her. That is not to say that they will not scold Gabi for eating someone . As they were more than happy to ground gabi when emily said that gabi ate her friends.


The parents love their daughter. They are very proud of her intelligence, but they praise Gabi more, because Emily is very Emily's more competitive and that way she'll work harder. While they praise Gabi more often. the couple has the habit of believing almost anything emily will say. As shown by how often emily tricks them into thinking Gabi pigged out.


She's a friend of the family. After Gabi told them she ate Lily's bully and she saw it. As Gabi did not have friends and the family had already moved several times because of Gabi's accidents, they decided that it would be better for Gabi to have a best friend. Lily promised not to tell anyone about Gabi's appetite, a secret she keeps to this day. Lily's family doesn't know about Gabi. 


Alice quickly became a family friend. Emily notice she brought up something, which quickly disappears without her. 

Physiology and metabolism

Both of the parents are unable to eat and digest people. It is unknown if Gabi inherited her ability from the parents.


Character gallery can be found HERE.


  • While she encourages her daughter to avoid accidents and not eat people without a good reason, Evelyn sometimes asks Gabi to eat people who cause problems to her, i.e. someone who flirts with her husband or puts moves on her.

  • Evelyn goes to gym.

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