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Gabi Age: 23 Height: 167 cm (5'6") Three sizes: B120 / W57 / H98 Occupation: College student Max people eaten: 30 Birthday: August 13 Hobbies: Studying Favorite food: People

Gabi is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is a university student capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. She was created by PaoGordo in 2015.


Gabi has long, straight blond hair, running down the middle of her back. She has light blue eyes and her face is considered beautiful by everyone.

Gabi has huge breasts, with a 120 cm bust (G cup). This is probably due to the diet rich in people she had eaten during the development of her body. She still has 98 cm of hip, motivating her younger sister Emily to call her 'Fat ass'. After swallowing and digesting people, the acquired fat accumulates mainly in her breasts, making them even bigger.

The clothes Gabi usually wears are T-shirts, tank tops, denim shorts, pants and dresses. As an intern at the university lab, she wears lab coats. When she goes to the gym, Gabi wears a gym top, shorts or yoga pants. When she goes to the beach or the pool, Gabi typically wears yellow bikinis. Due to her large proportions, and the fact that her breasts and hips are always increasing after eating people, Gabi's clothes often tear or stop fitting, causing her to lose most of her bras. Because of this, she rarely wears bras, leaving her nipples poking under the shirt. The clothes that Gabi often wears are very tight and end up revealing a lot of skin, drawing people's attention and causing her to receive several comments wherever she goes.


Gabi is a shy and introverted person, speaking only when necessary. As her clothes are constantly tight and showing a lot of cleavage, she is often mistaken for a naughty girl or even a prostitute, making her very angry. Gabi is very intelligent and is recognized as one of the best students in her class. She is very applied, studying a lot for the exams and working hard in the places where she interns. Because she is very shy and suspicious that people are only interested in her beauty, she doesn't have many friends.

Despite being very calm most of the time, some situations are capable of destabilizing Gabi. The main one is to suffer any type of harassment, since Gabi has body issues. This makes her furious, causing her to immediately swallow the person who harassed her. As this often happens next to other people, as in the subway, Gabi is forced to swallow several other innocent people. After digestion, Gabi's breasts get even bigger, increasing the chances of harassment. Another situation that destabilizes Gabi is extreme stress, caused mainly by college tests. This causes her to compulsively eat, causing several accidents where she swallows university students. A third situation that destabilizes Gabi is when she gets drunk. This loosens her and makes her more flirtatious. She also becomes uninhibited and ends up swallowing people without worrying about the consequences, causing her to eat whole parties without realizing it.

Gabi is a very loving and faithful person with her family and friends. She values ​​her friendship with Lily and would do anything for her. She loves her parents and her sister Emily, although she often makes fun of and pranks Gabi.


Gabi and her family live in the United States. Due to several accidents where Gabi swallowed classmates and teachers, they moved a lot between neighborhoods and cities during Gabi's childhood. During adolescence, Gabi attended the same school as Lily, her best friend. After school, she entered the nutrition course at the university in her city, where she currently studies. Gabi's reason for choosing a nutrition course was her curiosity about the changes her body undergoes after swallowing one or several people. Gabi has already started internships in several areas, but usually she is forced to leave when the company closes after Gabi swallows all or a large part of the team.

Gabi discovered that she was able to swallow and digest people after swallowing her babysitter when she was 7 years old. Concerned about what could happen to their daughter if made public, her parents decided to hide it. After a second accident where Gabi swallowed the neighbor, her parents decided that it would be better to feed her daughter once a week, choosing the pizza delivery boy. This created a routine where the family ate pizza and Gabi ate the delivery boy. This routine managed Gabi's hunger initially, reducing the number of accidents. However, the arrival of adolescence increased the number of accidents where Gabi swallowed several people. Accompanied by an increase in hunger and the number of people that Gabi was able to swallow, this also increased the number of people that Gabi ate in each accident. Throughout her adolescence to adulthood, Gabi learned to control her impulses and avoids swallowing people, with the only exceptions being pizza nights, moments when she becomes destabilized or through pranks taken by her younger sister.

Gabi's biggest concern is her younger sister, Emily. Being addicted to vore but not being able to swallow people herself, Emily does everything she can to see her sister swallowing and digesting people. Over the years, Gabi fell into several pranks devised by her sister that made her swallow several people.



Emily is Gabi's younger sister and accompanies her on most of her adventures. Unlike her older sister, she is unable to eat people. Being addicted to vore, she is able to do anything to see Gabi swallowing and digesting people, much to Gabi's dismay. Her plans usually involve simple bargains and blackmail to complex pranks and plots. Emily can be considered a psychopath and has already sent groups of friends, families and even an entire hotel to be digested in Gabi's stomach. Despite always being in conflict with Emily, Gabi loves her younger sister and would never hurt her. Gabi admits that Emily is much smarter than her and fears what could happen if she learned to swallow people. Because of this, she tries to be a role model for her sister, always pointing out that eating people is wrong. Gabi knows that Emily envies her, from her ability to swallow and digest people to her gifted body, and feels a little sorry for her. But Gabi doesn't miss the opportunity to make fun of her sister, resting her huge breasts on her head or eating the boys Emily likes.


Lily is Gabi's best friend. They met as children when they studied together at the same school. Their friendship started when Lily was being bullied by an older boy. Gabi was disgusted and decided to eat the boy to teach him a lesson. Lily was very grateful and impressed with Gabi. Upon arriving home with Lily and the boy in her stomach, Gabi told her parents what happened. As Gabi did not have friends and the family had already moved several times because of Gabi's accidents, they decided that it would be better for Gabi to have a best friend. Lily promised not to tell anyone about Gabi's appetite, a secret she keeps to this day. Lily's family doesn't know about Gabi. Over the years, Lily has become a voice of reason for Gabi. Understanding that swallowing and digesting people is wrong, Lily does everything to encourage Gabi not to eat people. This causes her to constantly conflict with Emily, Gabi's younger sister. Despite Lily's effort, she is not always able to prevent Gabi's accidents and often needs to help her friend keep her secret by helping her swallow witnesses. Even so, she understands that Gabi is not a bad person and that her personality is the result of a dysfunctional creation caused by her parents' condolence. Lily loves Gabi and would do anything to help her.


Samantha is Lily's cousin and is also capable of swallowing people. However, unlike Gabi, Samantha is able to swallow a much larger number of people at once and does not gain weight after digestion. Gabi empathizes with Samantha due to her upbringing. Unlike Gabi, who always had her parents' support when she found she could swallow people, Samantha was locked in a room and treated like a monster, being forced to repress her hunger. Gabi feels very sorry for Samantha and tries to do her best to serve as a role model for the girl, guiding Lily to treat Samantha the way Gabi's parents treated her. Still, Gabi is frightened by Samantha's ability to swallow hundreds of people and fears Emily will find out about her.


Gabi is friends with Jill. They met shortly after Jill arrived in the city, after Jill swallowed the Galecki family and settled in their home. At first, Gabi didn't like Jill. Jill realized that Gabi could also swallow people after noticing the abrupt change in the size of Gabi's breasts, and blackmailed her into going to a party at her house. The two ended up having sex and swallowing several girls who attended Jill's gym. Although Gabi no longer wanted to meet Jill, she reappeared to spend the day with Emily. After Jill swallowed several of Emily's classmates, it was revealed that Gabi was jealous of Jill and afraid that she and Emily would become best friends. After all this confusion, Gabi and Jill became friends, although Gabi don't like the fact that Jill is a bad influence for Emily. Gabi tries to bring more reasonability to Jill and Jill tries to encourage Gabi to enjoy her ability and swallow more people.

Gabi's parents

Evelyn and Jacob are the parents of Gabi and Emily. After discovering that Gabi was able to swallow and digest people when she was 7 years old, they were afraid of what could happen to their daughter if it were to go public. After other accidents, they decided that the best way to control Gabi's appetite was to feed her with the pizza delivery boy once a week. Even with older Gabi, they still maintain this tradition and promote the pizza night every week. Raising the oldest daughter on a people-based diet distorted Evelyn and Jacob's sense of ethics and morals. Their unconditional love for their daughters makes them sacrifice dozens of people to keep Gabi's secret. Despite this dark side of their lives, they are nice people and great neighbors. After the attack by bandits in her house, Gabi discovered that her mother is also capable of swallowing people. Her biggest surprise was to learn that she had swallowed people since before dating her father, and that her father knew it too. This strengthened the bonds between Gabi and her mother, even though Evelyn doesn't like to eat people and doesn't want to do that anymore.


Alice is Emily’s girlfriend and is also addicted to vore. Gabi really likes Alice and realized she might be someone really special in her sister’s life when she saw Emily getting angry at an idea of Alice being eaten. Despite being Emily’s girlfriend, Alice doesn’t know about Gabi’s secret.

Physiology and metabolism

Number of people eaten at once versus relative nutrients gained. Note that after a number of people, there is no more gain of nutrients since they are used in digestion itself.

Despite being a mystery, some considerations can be made about Gabi's physiology and metabolism. Under normal conditions, Gabi's appetite can be considered low and she eats little normal food. She maintains a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fibers, avoiding fat and sugar whenever possible. Although the origins of the ability to swallow people whole are still unknown, the fact that Gab's mother is also able to eat people suggests that there is some genetic factor in this ability.

Evolution of Gabi's belly as she digests a single person.

After swallowing a person, Gabi's metabolism speeds up and starts producing acid to start the digestion process. This acid production can be combated with the use of medications like Omeprazole, slowing down or even inhibiting digestion for hours. This can be used to keep people alive inside Gabi's stomach. After the production of acids, digestion begins and the person is digested in about two hours. Gabi's stomach acids are able to digest any type of clothing and small amounts of metal, enough to digest people caught off guard. Gabi's belly is first expanded forward and downward to accommodate the person and gradually shrinks with digestion. After two hours, Gabi appears to be four months pregnant. Her breasts expand significantly during this period, a region that accumulates most of the nutrients. After a night's sleep, Gabi's belly returns to normal and the rest of the nutrients accumulate in her hips. Gabi knows that digestion is accelerated when she sleeps, since the metabolism can be dedicated exclusively to digestion. Apart from medicines to slow down and sleep to speed up, Gabi is unable to control digestion.

Evolution of Gabi's breasts. From left to right: Normal Gabi; Gabi after swallowing and digesting one person; Gabi after swallowing and digesting two people; Gabi after swallowing and digesting five people; Gabi after swallowing and digesting ten people; Gabi after swallowing and digesting twenty people.

Gabi's stomach is capable of accumulating several people. Under normal conditions, Gabi's hunger is fulfilled by just one person. In stressful situations, two to three people may be needed. Gabi only swallows more than three people in situations of need, for example to get rid of witnesses. Despite feeling very full, Gabi never reached a limit for the number of people she could eat. Her official record is 30 people, but it is possible that she has eaten more people in drunken situations. After swallowing a large number of people, Gabi's belly expands on all sides, becoming a huge, dense and rounded mass of skin and flesh. The people inside are very tight, barely able to move. Faces, hand and foot marks can be seen moving slowly outside, caused by the contortions of people trying to get out. Muffled shouts for help and pleas for mercy can be also be heard through the skin of Gabi's belly.

Gabi after swallowing several people, unable to move. From that point she needs to be dragged to other places and new people need to be brought in for her to swallow.

Digestion of large numbers of people can take days, even after several hours of sleep. This process is energetically very expensive and most of the absorbed nutrients are used in the digestion itself. Even so, the part of the nutrients absorbed will accumulate mainly in Gabi's breasts and hips, increasing them in several numbers. Gabi's breasts can become gigantic. Gabi's mouth is capable of opening wide enough to swallow four adult people at once.

After each digestion and accumulation of nutrients in her body, Gabi needs to spend several hours at the gym to burn fat and return to normal measurements. If Gabi swallows and digests several people consecutively, the energy expenditure for digestion will generally be lower than if she had swallowed several people at once. Therefore, her breasts and hips will increase much more. Gabi is able to move normally with up to two people inside her belly. She is able to move slowly after eating up to five people. After swallowing ten people, Gabi moves very slowly, having to drag her belly across the floor and walls. Above ten people, Gabi is virtually immobile and needs to be dragged. Although it does not seem, Gabi is extremely strong, able to overcome the strength of three people together. This is due to her people-based diet during its development. Gabi's belly is extremely resistant, able to withstand punches and kicks. Small sharp or piercing devices are not able to pierce the thick and resistant layer of skin. It is possible that large, sharp objects or firearms can pierce and tear Gabi's belly, but to this day this has not been done.


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  • Gabi is bisexual, but prefers to date men.

  • Despite eating people, Gabi is a vegetarian.

  • Gabi graduated from high school with the best grade of the entire school.

  • Gabi has the best grades in the nutrition course.

  • Gabi prefers the taste of women in their 20s.

  • Most of Gabi's clothes are adjusted by hand, as traditional sizes do not fit.

  • Gabi starred in porn.

  • When she was a child she wasn't a fussy eater and ate vegetables.

  • She still remembers the taste of Angela, the first person she ate.

  • She follows Emily's Eka's Portal account to know what she's up to. She also used it to get some girls to eat.

  • She calls Emily "freak".

  • She gave Samantha a shark swimsuit once. It was ruined after she ate some children.

  • When Emily was younger she told her fairy tales with a vore themed spin. This led to Emily liking people being eaten.

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