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General Info

Name: Springbreak gone wrong

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: Brazzel

Date of Release: May 20, 2020

Predators: Jenny

Number of people eaten: 5

Springbreak gone wrong is a writing produced by [https://www.deviantart.com/paogordo PaoGordo and written by Brazzel. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around a group of students being lost.


A group of girls on a springbreak gets lost. The girls argue where to go when their tires pop. They find the cause of it being a horseshoe nail on the road. There's no signal and the girls can't call for help. The girls walk to a nearvy town. A local man explains phone don't work, because the lines were taken down in a storm and a driver of a tow truck went missing. He also tells them whenever starngers come to town weird stuff is hapening. The girls hear that Chupacabra leaves nearby. As the girls are coming back, a car drives to them and the driver asks who they are. Her name is Jenny and she offers them a place to stay until they find help.

When they arrive Jenny tells them the house used to be a bunker and her grandfather added some parts to it. The girls are quite taken with Jennywith the exception of Nel. She finds a button as she enters the house and presses it, activating the storm suppressor. Jenny shows a number of sliding walls in the house, which can arrange walls if needed. She also shows a hot tub. Nel asks if she's expecting company, but Jenny says no. The girls make themselves at home.

Everyone eats dinner and Astrid tells the girls she wants to have sex with Jenny. They also want to send a message, but Jenny tells them she doesn't have a cellphone and there's no signal in the house. Nel asks about horseshoe nails she found in the house, and Jenny explains she used them to fix her roof. Nel tells her friends they have to leave, but the girls brush off her worries.

Jenny carries astrid to her room and they undress. They have sex. Jenny starts to kiss Astrid's toes. Astrids asks her to move up with her mouth, and Jenny swallows her whole. Astrid shouts for help but she's ultimately silenced. Jenny gets up and comes downstairs, her hunt for other girls begins.

Nel hears as Jenny walks inside Jade and Charity’s room. There is a scream. Jade runs from the room, and Savannah asks Nel what's going on. Jennybelches loudly and the girls hear distorted cries of Charity who was just eaten. Nel tells her friend Jenny is the Chupacabra and she's a serial killer. Savannah cheers her up when Nel begins to cry. The two girls search for a way out and hear Jade's cries for help. Another loud belch signify her being eaten. The girls try to escape, but their way out is blocked. Jenny finds them and eats Savannah. Nel finds a way but the doors are shut with horseshoe nails. Other doors are also locked. Nel falls and she's covered by Jenny's big belly. To Jenny's surprise Nel asks for her friends to be digested before she's eaten by her. Jenny takes her to her bedroom and asks her to undress her. Nel startsto eat Jenny out. Jenny explains she didn't choose the name Chupacabra, but it's great because people in town are superstitious and whenever someone comes they don't help them. After an orgasm Jenny pushes Nel on top of her. During her time lying on top of the farmgirl Nel comes at peace with her fate and her friend's fate. Before eating her Jenny tells her it won't hurt and she believes it.



A farm girl from outside the city.


A band camp girl.


A band camp girl.


A band camp girl.


A band camp girl.


A band camp girl.




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