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Jenny Age: 26 Height: 179 cm (5'9") Three sizes: B95 / W60 / H125 Occupation: Farmer Max people eaten: 19 Birthday: July 1 Hobbies: Horseback riding Favorite food: People

Jenny is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe.


Jenny has a long blond hair. While working at her farm she dresses in overalls, but she also wears denim shorts and crop top shirts.




Jenny hasn’t encountered other predators yet.


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  • Her appearances before 'Fun in hide n seek' are considered non-cannon or happening after Jill met Samantha.

Outdated Information

Warning: This information is no longer canon and has been retconned.


  • Jenny is Jill's cousin and they were friends since childhood. When they were younger they had fruit eating contests - who could swallow the biggest fruit whole won. Jenny always won. Since then Jill took a step further and started to eat people whole. Whenever Jill visited Jenny mysterious disappearances happened. At first animals vanished but then people went missing too. People blamed it on "El chupacabra", but it was Jill, but she didn't reveal it to Jenny fearing her reaction. During Jill and Samantha's visit to her Jill swallowed some kids and revealed she could eat people, and that run in the family. Jenny tried it, successfully swallowing two kids at once, and she started to eat people.


  • Jill: They are friends and Jill introduced Jenny to eating people.

  • Samantha: Jenny and Samantha are frineds. Sam likes that Jenny is not bother with how much she eats.

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