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Jenny Age: 26 Height: 179 cm (5'9") Three sizes: B95 / W60 / H125 Occupation: Farmer Max people eaten: 19 Birthday: July 1 Hobbies: Horseback riding Favorite food: People

Jenny is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe. She lives in the countryside and takes care of the farm she inherited from her parents. She is Jill’s cousin and is capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. She was created by PaoGordo in 2014.


Jenny has long blonde hair, which she normally wears in braids or a ponytail. She has light blue eyes and freckles on her cheeks.

Despite her oversized 95 cm bust, Jenny's main physical feature is her huge ass. Hard work on the farm from a young age has made Jenny's legs and butt naturally big and muscular, and she currently sports 125 cm hips. Unlike Gabi, after swallowing and digesting people the acquired fat accumulates mainly in her ass, making them even bigger.

Jenny usually wears comfortable clothes to work on the farm, mostly overalls and denim shorts with plaid T-shirts. On the rare occasions she goes to the beach, Jenny wears polka-dot bikinis and a head scarf. She finds it very difficult to find panties, shorts and pants that fit her big butt, and as it tends to grow after swallowing and digesting people, the few clothes that fit her end up tearing. For these reasons, Jenny wears shorts that are extremely tight for her hips and butt, catching the attention of everyone who passes her way.


Jenny is a charismatic and polite girl. Life in the countryside has made her very respectful of nature and she does everything to protect the area around the farm where she lives. She loves to spend days walking the trails near her home, camping and sleeping among trees and bathing in waterfalls.

Having become an orphan at an early age, Jenny had to drop out of school as a teenager, impacting her formal education. However, life in the farm made her accumulate other knowledge, related to nature and animal life. In addition, she has become an independent and resourceful woman, being able to fix cars and tractors and make any repairs to her farm.

Life on the farm far from downtown Caster has left Jenny a lonely girl with few friends. She goes to Caster center rarely, to buy materials for her crops. Despite this remoteness, the people of Caster like Jenny and consider her a good person. However, few dare to visit her on her farm because of the mysterious disappearances near Jenny's farm, which created the Chupacabra myth.

Despite being a calm and reclusive girl, after discovering that she is able to swallow and digest people whole, Jenny often suffers from a strong hunger that can only be satisfied through the consumption of human beings. When feeling this hunger, Jenny's personality changes to that of a predator, thinking only of devouring the people who are closest. This causes Jenny to invade neighboring farms and swallow entire families. She also often captures travelers or hikers who visit Caster, locking them in her farm to save them for when she is hungry. After being introduced to the Tinder app by her cousin Jill, Jenny also arranges dates with men and women in the hopes of eating them.

Jenny values ​​her relationship with Jill, her only living relative. She also built a good relationship with Gabi as she can also swallow and digest people whole. Jenny thinks Emily is funny and finds Lily sexy.


Jenny lives in the rural region of the small town of Caster in the interior of the United States. Living very isolated, she and her family didn't have many acquaintances and Jenny spent most of her childhood with her cousin Jill. Among the games they played, a very common one was a competition to see who could swallow the biggest fruit whole, a game that Jenny used to win. Already in her teens, Jenny didn't spend as much time with her cousin as Jill used to lock herself in her room, claiming to be afraid of the Chupacabra creature when a disappearance occurred in Caster. Later, Jenny discovered that it was Jill who caused the disappearances by swallowing people and locked herself in her room to digest.

After a car accident, Jenny lost her parents in her teens and started living alone on her farm. Because working on the farm was too time-consuming, she stopped attending school and ended up isolating herself even more from other people. At the same time, Jill began to frequent Jenny's house less, leaving Jenny even more isolated.

On a visit by Jill and Emily to her farm, a prank by Emily caused Jenny to discover that Jill was capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. After swallowing two people, Jill convinced Jenny to try and swallow the other three. Not only did Jenny succeed, she swallowed two people at once, a fact that impressed even Jill. Since then, Jenny has been gobbling up a number of people, whether luring them to her farm or on trails around Caster.

Despite starting to feed on people in an older age when compared to Jill or Gabi, Jenny noticed that she always felt a hunger that didn't pass with ordinary food. Starting to eat people made this hunger appear stronger and more often, causing Jenny to lose control and be forced to break into homes and swallow entire families. This caused several disappearances to happen again in Caster, reviving the El Chupacabra legend. Despite not distrusting Jenny, the residents of Caster fear that the creature lives on the outskirts of her farm and hardly ever approach it.



Jill is Jenny's cousin, with whom Jenny spent much of her childhood and adolescence. When young, Jenny thought Jill was fearful because she always hid in her room after some disappearance attributed to the Chupacabra creature. Later, Jenny discovered that it was Jill who caused the disappearances by swallowing people, and hid in her room for digestion. Jill was the one who encouraged Jenny to start eating people, something Jenny is grateful for to this day. In the past, Jill had walked away from Jenny for fear that her cousin would discover her secret, but now that Jenny also eats people, the two have strengthened their bonds and become great friends again. Even though they're related, the two love having sex with each other, especially since Jill loves Jenny's huge ass.


Jenny met Emily through Jill on a visit to her farm. After realizing that Jill feared that Jenny would discover that she could swallow and digest people whole, Emily came up with a plan to lure some boys to Jenny's farm and make Jill swallow them. The discovery of Jill's secret not only strengthened the bonds between the cousins, it was also the motivator for Jenny to discover that she, too, could swallow people whole. For that fact, Jenny is grateful for Emily to this day, nurturing a great affection for the girl. Jenny finds it funny how addicted to vore Emily is, amused when she thinks of new plans to help Jenny swallow more people. Emily has a platonic crush on Jenny, as she knows Jenny wouldn't be interested in her. Even so, Emily doesn't miss the opportunity to contemplate Jenny's gigantic ass after she swallows and digests several people.


Gabi and Jenny met the same day Jenny met Emily. After discovering that her house was being terrorized by a group of boys who just wanted to see them naked (through Emily's plan), Jenny called the boys' parents and uncles, calling them to her house to teach them a lesson. However, Jenny forgot that detail and, after she and Jill swallowed the boys, they would be discovered by all those people. Luckily, Gabi knew Emily could be up to something and followed her to Jenny's farm. When Gabi saw all those people gathered and heard the sounds of people being swallowed coming from upstairs in Jenny's house, she understood what had happened and realized that she would need to swallow all those people that Jenny called to her house. The next day, when Jenny saw the size of Gabi's breasts after digestion, the two had sex (accompanied by Jill). Gabi and Jenny became friends because the two are able to swallow people, and Jenny often invites Gabi to her house to get advice from a more experienced person.


Lily met Jenny by accident, after finding her near her farm when she was doing a story about disappearances in Caster. Jenny invited Lily and her two co-workers over to her house. After being swallowed by Jenny, Lily was able to escape thanks to a pack of Ipecac that she always carries with her, on the advice of her best friend Gabi. Even so, Jenny managed to swallow Lily's co-workers and, just before she finally swallowed Lily, Gabi appeared and saved the day. Despite what happened, Lily doesn't hold any grudges against Jenny, understanding that the girl doesn't have a bad nature like Jill. Despite not being very close, Lily finds Jenny super hot and takes any opportunity to have sex with her.

Physiology and metabolism

Before swallowing and digesting people, Jenny's diet consisted of normal food, mainly products from her own farm such as vegetables, milk and chicken. Because she spends a lot of energy taking care of the farm, Jenny has always had a huge appetite, eating at least five meals a day with a considerable amount of food. Even so, Jenny occasionally felt a hunger that wasn't satisfied by normal foods, and until meeting Jill and Emily, she didn't understand what that meant.

After discovering she was able to swallow and digest people whole, Jenny incorporated Caster inhabitants and occasional visitors into her diet. She continues to eat normal food from her farm, but when she is stricken with hunger for people, she goes hunting, claiming countless victims. Jenny usually eats people at least once a week, but due to the strong hunger she feels, she normally devours between five and ten people at once.

After swallowing a person, Jenny's metabolism speeds up and starts producing acid to start the digestion process. Like Jill, Jenny's body is resistant to drugs that decrease the production of stomach acids, eliminating the possibility that anyone can survive the digestive process. After the production of acids, digestion begins and the person is digested in about one hours. Jenny's stomach acids are very strong and can break down any type of clothing and small amounts of metal. Jenny's belly is first expanded forward and downward to accommodate the person and gradually shrinks with digestion. After two hours, Jenny appears to be three months pregnant. Unlike Gabi and Jill, Jenny’s butt expands significantly during this period, the region that accumulates most of the nutrients. After a night's sleep, Jenny's belly returns to normal and the rest of the nutrients accumulate in her hips and breasts. Jenny knows that digestion is accelerated when she sleeps, since the metabolism can be dedicated exclusively to digestion. Jenny is unable to control digestion.

Jenny's stomach can accommodate several people. Due to the intense hunger she feels before going out hunting, Jenny is only satisfied after eating at least five people, motivating her to look for houses with entire families or groups of hikers. However, Jenny is only truly satisfied after eating at least ten people. After eating more than fifteen people, Jenny starts to get bloated and have a hard time swallowing more people. Her record was swallowing 19 people. After swallowing a large number of people, Jenny's belly expands on all sides, becoming a huge, dense and rounded mass of skin and flesh. The people inside are very tight, barely able to move. Faces, hand and foot imprints can be seen moving slowly outside, caused by the contortions of people trying to get out. Muffled shouts for help and pleas for mercy can also be heard through the skin of Jenny's belly.

Digestion of large numbers of people can take days, even after several hours of sleep. This process is energetically very expensive and most of the absorbed nutrients are used in the digestion itself. Even so, the part of the nutrients will accumulate mainly in Jenny's butt, increasing it in several numbers. Her breasts can also grow considerably, but they are nowhere near the size of Gabi and Jill's. Unlike what happens with Gabi and Jill's breasts, Jenny's butt growth doesn't seem to reach a plateau after a number of people digested, meaning it can grow to gigantic sizes. Jenny's mouth is capable of opening wide enough to swallow five adults at once.

Jenny is able to move normally with up to three people inside her belly. She is able to move slowly after eating up to six people. After swallowing ten people, Jenny moves very slowly, having to drag her belly across the floor and walls. Above 13 people, Jenny is virtually immobile. The people-based diet made Jenny extremely strong, able to overcome the strength of five people together. Jenny's belly is extremely resistant, able to withstand punches and kicks. Small sharp or piercing devices are not able to pierce the thick and resistant layer of skin. It is possible that large, sharp objects or firearms can pierce and tear Jenny's belly, but to this day this has not been done.


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  • Her appearances before 'Fun in hide n seek' are considered non-cannon or happening after Jill met Samantha.

Outdated Information

Warning: This information is no longer canon and has been retconned.


  • Jenny is Jill's cousin and they were friends since childhood. When they were younger they had fruit eating contests - who could swallow the biggest fruit whole won. Jenny always won. Since then Jill took a step further and started to eat people whole. Whenever Jill visited Jenny mysterious disappearances happened. At first animals vanished but then people went missing too. People blamed it on "El chupacabra", but it was Jill, but she didn't reveal it to Jenny fearing her reaction. During Jill and Samantha's visit to her Jill swallowed some kids and revealed she could eat people, and that run in the family. Jenny tried it, successfully swallowing two kids at once, and she started to eat people.


  • Jill: They are friends and Jill introduced Jenny to eating people.

  • Samantha: Jenny and Samantha are frineds. Sam likes that Jenny is not bother with how much she eats.

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