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General Info

Name: Halloween Party


Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: AdjectiveNounCombo

Date of Release: Jul 25, 2014

Predators: Jill / Samantha

Number of people eaten: Jill - about 8 children, Samantha - about 9 adults, Both - some trick-or-treaters, Total - about twenty people eaten

Halloween Party a comic produced and written by PaoGordo and drawn by AdjectiveNounCombo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Jill and Samantha going to a Halloween party. 


It's Halloween. Jill and Samantha arrive at a party dressed up. Samantha asks Jill if this will work, given that she doesn't even talk to these children at school, but Jill assures her that everyone was invited and they have costumes. The door opens and Ana's mom, dressed as catwoman, invites them in. They introduce themselves as "Euvoria Siren" and "Green Gobblette" - superheroes who eat the criminals. Ana's mother invites Samantha to the bedroom and to feel free to eat whatever she'd like. Jill guarantees they'll eat whoever they'll like.

Jill scouts out the building. The children are in Ana's bedroom, while the adults are in the kitchen. They split - Jill takes the kids, while Samantha takes on the adults. Samantha enters the kitchen and one of the party-goers, dressed up as Lex Luthor, asks her who she is and why she has a hole in her costume. She explains she's Grenn Goblette and the hole prevents ripping when she eats criminals. When the man sounds condescending Samantha opens her mouth and attacks.

Meanwhile Jill locks the door and turns off the TV to get the children's attention. at first the children are angry, but when they see Jill they want to know who she is. When she introduces herself as Euvoria Siren, the strongest superhero, Batman calls her a liar, because Batman and Superman are stronger. Jill explains Euvoria can do other strong things, Ana also calls her a liar. Jill decides to show Ana a demonstration of her strength. She grabs Batman and Superman and swallows them. Ana shouts to open the door, but the Flash points out the door is locked. Soon all the children are eaten except Ana. In horros she says they were all her friends. Jill pins her to the wall with her huge stomach. She presses her so hard she makes a hole in the wall, and Ana runs away screaming.

Ana tries to get help from her mother, but when she gets to the kitchen she only sees her father disappearing in Samantha's mouth. Jill asks how it went, and Samantha points to her stomach and says all criminal scum have benn taken care off. She declares Euvoria Siren the strongest superhero and eats Ana. The 'Hero' asks her 'Sidekick' if she's satisfied, to which Samantha responds she feels great with her meals squirming. The girls decide to stay here at night to digest, when suddenly trick-or-treaters come. Euvoria Siren and grenn Gobblette prepare themselves for desserts.



Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off. She takes care of Samantha who's even more hungry than her.


Samantha is an always hungry child. Jill is her babysitter.


Girl who organised the party. She's dressed up as Catwoman, just like her mother.

Ana's Mother

She dressed up as Catwoman, just like her daughter. Her husband dressed up as the Riddler. They installed a lock in her bedroom door, which dooms the children inside.


A gropu of parents attending the party. Their children are also at the party. They're dressed up as various supervillains, among them Bane, Joker, and Lex Luthor.


A group of kids at the party dressed up in various costumes, among them a Princess, a Pumpkin, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Flash, and Catwoman.


A group of people who end up as dessert




  • Current canon of the work is hard to discern. It's either non-canon or happening after Jill met Samantha in 'Fun in hide n seek'.

  • Characters "Euvoria Siren" and "Green Gobblette" belong to Kphoria.

  • The children were watching Men in Black II, movie with a very famous vore scene.


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