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Lily Age: 23 Height: 175 cm (5'9") Three sizes: B89 / W56 / H91 Occupation: College student Max people eaten: None Birthday: May 24 Hobbies: Tennis Favorite food: Sushi

Lily is a character from the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is Gabi's childhood friend, and Samantha's cousin. She studies journalism at the same college Gabi goes to. She's also going under an internship in the local news. She can't eat people. She was created by PaoGordo in 2017.


Lily has long curly brown hair that goes up to her hips, and brown eyes. She has a curvaceous body with broad hips and medium-sized breasts.

Lily wears a variety of clothes ranging from shirts, jeans and dresses.


Lily has a strong personality. She is able to be polite and incisive at the same time, and is hardly silent in situations of injustice. She is also communicative and pleasant.

Despite having strong opinions, Lily makes exceptions when it comes to her best friend Gabi. She is usually condescending in situations where Gabi swallows people whole. Lily strongly disapproves when Gabi eats one or several people, and demonstrates this in the form of sermons or being upset with her friend. However, Lily understands that much of Gabi's personality was due to how she was raised by her parents and the bad influence of her sister Emily. So, Lily tries her best to moderate the way she treats Gabi's impulses, not being so harsh or so soft. In the end, she wants to help her best friend and see her improve.

Even though being very patient, a person manages to drive Lily insane: Emily. Emily considers Lily to be a boring, bitter and recent-minded person who just wants to prevent Gabi from reaching her full potential and be happy by embracing her ability to swallow people. Meanwhile, Lily considers Emily to be a spoiled, childlike girl who thinks only of herself. For her, Emily doesn't care about her sister and only thinks about delighting in the sight of Gabi with a belly full of people. Lily also sees in Emily traces of sociopathy and psychopathy, but she never had the courage to say this to Gabi. She hopes that Emily will never be able to eat people.

Lily loves and takes care of her younger cousin Samantha as if she were her sisters. However, Lily is very concerned that Samantha can also swallow people. To make matters worse, she has much less self-control and is able to swallow many more people than Gabi. This makes Lily sleepless nights imagining Samantha's next rampage. Although she doesn't like the idea, she relies heavily on Gabi's advice that Lily needs to earn Samantha's trust and that imposing too many limits can make things worse. From time to time Lily can be a vindictive person if she realizes that she is being cheated or mistreated. One of the most notable events was when Radcliffe and Killian were causing trouble, and Lily allowed Gabi to eat them as payback for being so mean. She's also super intelligent and curious as a kitten going well with her job as a journalist, never willing to give up a good story.


Lily has lived in the same town since she was a baby. She is the only child of two loving parents and has always been an exemplary girl. As a child, Lily used to be bullied by school boys on her way home. It bothered her a lot, but she never told anyone. One day on her way home, Lily was being accompanied by a new student, Gabi, and started being bullied again. This made Gabi very angry, causing her to swallow the boy. Gabi took Lily to her house to explain to her parents what had happened. As Gabi didn't have any friends, Gabi's parents decided to trust Lily and supported the two girls' friendship. They have become best friends since then and Lily never told anyone about Gabi’s secret.

During her teens, Lily went through several difficult times because of her friendship with Gabi. Some sleepover accidents where Gabi swallowed all of Lily's friends is an example of these situations. Even so, their friendship never diminished and Lily always supported Gabi, whether emotionally or helping her friend to swallow witnesses. However, Lily goes out of her way to discourage Gabi from eating people, being the voice of reason in her friend's ear. This causes her to get into a lot of arguments with Gabi's sister Emily.

Lily studies journalism at the same college as Gabi. Due to her strong personality, she became one of the best university journalists, unraveling many mysteries that happened on campus. However, she needs to beware of mysteries surrounding the disappearance of teachers and students, as they are usually associated with Gabi. Lily seeks to take these stories and generate inconsistencies to elude the authorities.

Despite considering the fact that Gabi swallows people wrong, Lily has already used her friend's abilities to get rid of people she deems dangerous or inconvenient. She justifies herself by saying that since Gabi will eventually swallow someone, that person had better deserve it. After Lily entered college, her parents moved across the country, leaving her to live alone in their apartment. Lily's parents adore Gabi, but they don't know her secret.

Lily was surprised by the arrival of her younger cousin, Samantha, knocking on her door. Lily received it, not suspecting that Samantha was also capable of swallowing people. After an accident where Samantha swallowed up all the residents of her building, Lily desperately asked for Gabi's help in dealing with Samantha. Being very loving and protective, Lily takes care of Samantha as if she were her daughter, but she is still stressed by the fact that at any moment the girl could swallow hundreds of people whole.



Gabi and Lily are childhood friends. Although, Lily is disapproving of Gabi's eating habbits, she doesn't let it get in between their friendship, and supports her through thick and thin. Even when Gabi ends up eating a lot of people, she still tries to help keep their appetite a secret, even though all of the vore stresses the heck out of her.


Lily is extremely protective protective of her cousin, Samantha. She often becomes particularly stressed when Samantha's people-eating habit gets out of control and constantly fears the next time she will eat someone, and tries to keep her on a leash. However, she cares about her cousin and would do whatever it takes to protect her and show her to use her appetite for good.


Lily doesn't like Emily at all, due to the fact that she is always trying to make Gabi eat people, and hopes that someday she grows up. She is constantly at odds with the girl and tries to not let her take advantage of Gabi for her evil fetishes, nor stoop to her level. Lily's biggest fear is having her cousin, Samantha meeting Emily, for if that happens, she know that all sorts of hell would break loose.


Lily met Jill through Gabi. Jill peeked at Gabi's cell phone and saw an exchange of messages mentioning Samantha. Although Samantha is 18 years old, her childish behavior makes Lily unable to leave her alone, needing someone to keep an eye on her. The mystery surrounding Samantha caused Jill to deceive Lily, volunteering to take care of the girl. After Jill's carelessness, Samantha ended up swallowing dozens of people, making Lily angry. Lily hates Jill, but as she is one of the few people Samantha doesn't want to eat and Lily needs help taking care of her cousin, Lily ended up tolerating Jill's presence.

Evelyn and Jacob

Gabi’s parents like Lily.

Physiology and metabolism

Lily is incapable of eating other people.


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