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General Info

Name: Question and Answer

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Artists: Maxmam, JessicaRae, Sukanar

Date of Release: Aug 9, 2016

Predators: Gabi / Samantha

Number of people eaten:

Question and Answer is a QnA session, where readers at Deviantart and Eka's Portal posted some questions for Gabi and Emily. It was produced and written by PaoGordo and four answers habe short comics drawn by Maxmam, JessicaRae and Sukanar. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe.


Question 1

  • dokudoku asks: Gabi, do you like to savoryour prey and have a little fun with them before you dig in? If so, how do you prefer to enjoy your prey before they go down the hatch?

  • MelancholyClownD asks: Feet or head first?

  • Answer by Gabi: Well, it depends on the situation. If I'm in a hurry (like, someone is coming and I really need to finish it off) I won't be able to savor my preys. But if I'm cool, then what's the problem of having a little fun, right? Usually I like to swallow them feet first. When I hit half their body, their despair makes them kick real hard inside my belly,s ending shivers down my spine! It feels so good! And when there is only the head outside my mouth, it's amazing! I think it has something to do with their hope of still getting out... poor people. Of course, it makes a lot of noise so, if I want to be more discrete, I have to go head first, but in the end of the day what's matter is to be satisified, right?

Question 2

  • deckdeck asks: Hey Gabi how much time your preys to digest?

  • Ragtagohio asks: How long does it take Gabi to digest a meal? (Having in mind it consists of various people).

  • Cat2999 asks: Have you ever gotten fat from your prey?

  • NotHere098 asks: Hey Gabi, how many fat jokes do you have to take from Emily after a quick weight gain?

  • Answer by Gabi: Usually a one-person meal takes from 2 to 3 hours to digest. Now, my stomach needs more than 10 hours to handle a various people feast. That's why I always have my phone to pass time! ;) sleepings speeds the process a lot! I've never woke up with a full belly (except when I drink alcoholic drinks, it's not good for digestion). To get fat from my meals is my worst fear! XD That's why I have a strict diet, no carbs, no sugar and a lot of green tea. Also, I go to the gym every single day, twice after a big meal. It's no easy task, to maintain this body! Also, as a nutrition's student, I'm workingon a theory that my metabolism spend too much energy on digesting people, so in the end the calorie gain is not that high. Too bad I'll not be able to publish it! XD And, well, I have to take A LOT of fat jokes from my sister after a meal. Like, more than I deserve, definitely.

Question 3

  • Creaturedude asks: Will you eat me? :3

  • vorelover3678 asks: Hey Gabi can you eat me please?

  • Answer by Gabi: Are you not telling anyone, right? XD Jump in! Hope you don't mind company! It can get a bit crowded inside my belly! ;P 

Question 4

  • Sharktooth987 asks: Gabi. Is it possible for you to eat a 40 foot giantess.

  • Answer: Yes.

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Question 5

  • thevorishnightfury asks: Hey Gabi, who do you think taste better, children or adults?

  • AmericanHero45 asks: So Gabi, what kind of people are your favorite prey?

  • Answer by Gabi: Adults are more fulfilling, but children slide down easily and are easier to catch. It's a hard question, you know. But their taste are about the same. My favorite prey are all prey! XD No, but seriously, I LOVE eating small brats. Teaches them a lesson. Also their parents, for being bad parents. But if you are strong enough to squirm a lot, you're fit for my belly!

Question 6

  • bbt98 asks: Can Emily eat more than Gabi? Who had the best stuffed belly Gabi or Emily?

  • Answer:

  • Emily: Why are they asking this? Are they mocking me for not being able to eat people?! Gabi!!! Eat them!!! EAT THEM NOW!!!

  • Gabi: Calm down freak... maybe the didn't know.

  • Emily: Ok... but... can't you eat them anyway?

  • Gabi: Emily!!! Be polite to our gueats!

Question 7

  • joe354 asks: Okay, Gabi. What would you do if you were surrounded by a group of women, let's say 30, and they found out your secret of eating people while you're on agateway trip somewhere. What would you do to them and what would you do if one of them wanted you to teach your techniques to her?

  • Answer by Gabi: Well, it's like mommy always says: try your best to not swallow people in front of the others but, if you do, leave no witnesses! XD Well, it's not that simple, to teach someone to swallow people. If she already has the calling for it, I wouldn't mind to give a few tips, of course. And I wouldn't mind to share some of those 30 women with her. I'm not that greedy! ;)

Question 8

  • DimensionalKitty asks: This is needing two answers for each one and this could be somewhat possible with better preds but what would each girl do if they see their other sister getting eat.

  • Answer:

  • Emily:The first thing I would do is open my mouth really wide and shove them into it! No one mess with my big sis...

  • Gabi: C'mon freak... everyone knows you can't eat people.

  • Emily: Y-yeah... well... why are you so annoying? Ok ok... I would probably call our [[Evelyn and Jacob|parents]] maybe?

  • Gabi: Yeah, it would be a good idea. They would arrive just in time to see ME INSIDE SOMEONE'S BELLY!

  • Emily: Well, that's all I can do, ok?! And what would you do?

  • Gabi: Eat them, of course. No one messes with my little sister.

Question 9

  • vegeta002 asks: To Gabi: If were to ever get a boy(girl?)friend, how would you describe your ideal person?

  • Answer by Gabi: What everyone wants, someone who I can trust and respects me. Someone I could share my secrets without guilt or worries.

Question 10

  • Gabiel0813 asks: How come Emily love seeing Gabi eat people?

  • Answer: When Emily was very little, Gabi used to tell her stories before going to bed. Many of those stories where fairy tales, and Gabi liked to give them some of her "touch". Why only the bad wolf can eat people? Why not Red Riding Hood? Of course, she sometimes carried away with other fairy tales, but who cares? Why can't Rapunzel get eaten by Red too? As Gabi was Emily's hero, she imagined all these stories being played by her sister. So, nowadays, it's no surprise that Emily likes seeing her sister swallow other people whole.

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Question 11

  • ssssrrrr4000 asks: Alright, gabi have you done anything other than oral vore?

  • Answer by Gabi: No, sorry.

Question 12

  • Zego21 asks: has your sister ever tried to eat others like you do?

  • Answer:

  • Gabi: Well, she can try... but to manage, that's a whole other story.

  • Emily: Shut up fatass...

Question 13

  • electricalsnake asks: Hmm... considering that you're pretty used to falling into accidents with you eating a lot of people... has there ever been a really bad or embarassing kind of scenario you've been in?

  • Answer by Gabi: I could say my first kiss.I was very young, was kissing this cute boy and then ops! He slipped inside my mouth. He wasn't there anymore (obviously) but it was really embarassing for both of us.

Question 14

  • KingLoner asks: Ok girls. Who is the better pred?

  • Answer by Gabi and Emily: Serleena!!!

Question 15

  • Mage24365 asks: What is your maximum capacity, if any?

  • Asteriks74 asks: Okay Gabi What's the most you've eaten in one sitting?

  • gr8feeder asks: Is there any limit of Gabi's belly?

  • megamaster135 asks: What's the most people either of you gave ever eaten?

  • BloatedQuarian asks: Gabi, what's your record for eating the most people in one go?

  • Answer by Gabi: Some people always want to know if I ever reached my limit. The truth is, I'm always satisfied with one or two people. That's more than enough to fill me up. Unfortunately, life is not always like we wanted it to be, so I've seen myself in numerous situations where I have to eat dozens of people (I'm looking at you, Emily!). So, if by limit you are talking about a situation where I could not eat anymore people because they simply wouldn't fit in my stomach, no, I've never reached my limit. But there were times when I had to make a huge effort to fit everyone inside mu tummy. Usually, I can swallow 3 grown ups, no problem. Above that, it starts to get difficult. Up to 10 or more, it's really hard and I get a lot of pain in my throat when I swallow them. But the funny part is that, I don't remember the time I've most eaten! Well, I don't remember how the eating part was. I was in this girl's house during a party, there were 35 people there. Let's say I'm very weak to alcohol and, after a couple shots, everything went blank. All I remember is the next day, waking up in the middle of the living room, my belly occuping ALL of it! That's why I don't drink in public anymore XD!

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Question 16

  • Scurge42 asks: Have either of you ever eaten more than Samantha?

  • Answer: No.

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Emily's older sister, Gabi is a college student who spends most of her time studying. Because she is able to swallow and digest people whole, she is the target of several pranks by her younger sister, who is a vore addict. These pranks almost always end up with Gabi eating several people against her will.


Gabi's younger sister, Emily is a high school student who is addicted to watching vore (as she cannot eat people herself). She spends most of her time browsing Eka's Portal, and devising ways to force her sister to swallow and digest people. Since she is obsessed with vore, she will gladly sacrifice her friends just to see Gabi with a fully stuffed and enlarged stomach. 




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