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Samantha Age: 18 Height: 148 cm (4'10") Three sizes: B75 / W54 / H80 Occupation: Student Max people eaten: 100+ Birthday: January 22 Hobbies: Eating Favorite food: People

Samantha is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe.


She's a small girl with brown hair.


Despite her cute face, Samantha hides an almost infinite appetite, and a stomach comparable to a black hole. She is always hungry and yet didn't find the limit of her stomach, being able to fit more than 20 people inside of it. Usually her only limitation was her mobility: after swallowing a good number of people, she could not move due to the size of her belly. Fortunately for Samantha (and unfortunately for her preys), she developed a technic were she starts sucking everything directly to her stomach, like a vaccum cleaner, usually swallowing objects together with the people she is trying to eat. No one is safe from her appetite.

As a kid, Samantha does not measure the consequences of her actions, and take everything for a joke. She is very happy and joyful, and gets excited in eating people just as much as any kid would be in eating burguers in a McDonalds. She is so innocent that she thinks it is really ok to swallow people whole, treating them simply as food. This attitude unfortunately has led to her not fully understanding how eating people works. of course this does not mean she is a saint. as she is, like Gabi, notorious for eating people over the slightest thing. For example, a kid not wanting to hang out with her will meet their end in her belly. 


She's an always hungry 8 year old and Lily's cousin. She moved in with Lily after eating her parents.



Lily is extremely protective protective of her cousin, Samantha. She often becomes particularly stressed when Samantha's people-eating habit gets out of control and constantly fears the next time she will eat someone, and tries to keep her on a leash. However, she cares about her cousin and would do whatever it takes to protect her and show her to use her appetite for good.


She really likes Gabi, who's also capable of eating people. Gabi encourages Samantha and tells her her cousin will always love her and forgive her.She's impressed (and a little bit scared) by the little girls voracious appetite. 


She's great friends with Jill. Duringtheir first meeting she saved Jill from angry parents who wanted to cut her open. She's her babysitter and the only person capable of handling the little girl.


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  • PaoGordo believes he based her on character Nibles from Tom & Jerry in the episode "The Little Orphan" and in the pictures of artist Brain3Times3.

  • Her appearances with Jill before 'Fun in hide n seek' are considered non-cannon or happening after the comic.

  • She might have swallowed the family cat (''information might not be canon anymore'').

Outdated Information

Warning: This information is no longer canon and has been retconned.


  • Samantha is a 8 years old girl, who is always hungry. Her parents and her sister were always yelling at her for eating so much. One day while sleepwalking she ate all the food and then swallowed her family. They told her to get help from the nieghbors. Not wanting to have her belly cut open,she swallows the neighbours. After that she decided to only eat people, because they are mean to him. She met Jill in one of her babysitting adventures. After saving Jill from what would be certain doom, she started to hang out with her, acting almost as a sidekick and, of course, getting a taste of the meal too.


  • Jill: She and Jill are great friends. Jill takes Sammy to various places where there's always someone to eat.

  • Jenny: She and Jeny are friends. Sammy likes that Jenny is not bother with how much she eats.

  • Livia: Livia really likes Samantha.Sammy reminds her of herself when she was in her prime. As a director of CIA she tries to protect her by covering the disappearances she causes.

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