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Samantha Age: 18 Height: 148 cm (4'10") Three sizes: B75 / W54 / H80 Occupation: Student Max people eaten: 100+ Birthday: January 22 Hobbies: Eating Favorite food: People

Samantha is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is an 18 year old girl, but with a younger girl mindset, and is capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. She was created by PaoGordo in 2014, being their second original character.


Samantha has long brown hair, which extends to almost her knee. She has brown eyes.

Samantha is very short, measuring only 148 cm (4'10"). This characteristic together with her very thin body gives her a very young appearance.

By living isolated from the world since she was a child, Samantha has not matured her way of dressing, often wearing children's clothes. She ends up borrowing some of her cousin Lily's clothes, but they are several sizes too big for her. Even swallowing and digesting people whole, Samantha's body does not change, always maintaining the same small proportions.


Because of her past and how she was raised by her parents, Samantha has an extremely childish behavior, even though she is 18 years old. She is also very naive and cannot measure the consequences of her actions. However, Samantha is a very loving girl and values the relationship she has with her cousin Lily and her friends Gabi and Jill, whom she greatly admires.

Despite being calm most of the time, due to her childishness Samantha doesn't have much self-control. This leads to two types of problems. The first is related to the fact that Samantha is always hungry: Samantha can hardly hold back and ends up devouring dozens of people, in the most varied situations. Most of the time Samantha just understands some commentary wrong and thinks she can swallow people. The second problem is that Samantha has several emotional breakdowns: after swallowing someone and being called a monster, Samantha gets angry and devours everyone around her.

Despite the accidents, Samantha has been working with Lily to improve her behavior and have more self-control. In addition, Lily seeks to mature Samantha's personality in a slow and controlled way, as she knows that this process cannot be traumatic due to Samantha's difficult past. For this, Lily and Samantha rely a lot on Lily’s best friend Gabi.


Samantha lived with her parents and older sister in the same town that Lily and Gabi live in. Since she was little, Samantha had an enormous appetite and was always hungry. Several times she annoyed her parents by devouring the entire family's dinner in a few seconds without leaving a crumb for anyone. This made her older sister always making fun of her, saying that she was a monster that would end up swallowing the whole family.

After an accident where sleepwalking Samantha swallowed her older sister, her parents became desperate and didn't know what to do with their youngest daughter. Despite being afraid of what could be done to their daughter if people found out she could eat people whole, their favoritism towards their eldest daughter caused them to develop a hatred for Samantha. Out of hatred and fear, they kept Samantha locked up in her room for years, eating only crumbs and watching children's cartoons. This caused Samantha to develop a rather childlike personality and a rather thin and short body, like a child.

Shortly after Samantha turned 18, her parents forgot to lock her bedroom door and, in a new episode of sleepwalking, Samantha ended up swallowing them. After years of torture, she didn't feel sad, but relieved. Not knowing what to do and not knowing anything about the world, Samantha sought help from her cousin Lily, the only family she knew. After an accident where Samantha ended up swallowing all the residents of Lily's building, Lily decided that she would take responsibility for raising and helping Samantha become the closest to a normal person she could be. After discovering her cousin's backstory, Lily decided to ask her best friend Gabi to help Samantha.

By a series of coincidences, Samantha met Jill after Lily asked for help to take care of the girl. After swallowing some people, Jill was saved by Samantha, who swallowed Jill's captors, and the two became friends. Lily doesn't like the relationship between the two, but accepts Jill's help because Samantha had swallowed all the babysitters she had.



Lily is Samantha's older cousin and the person she trusts the most. After Samantha swallowed all the people who lived in the building and still Lily was understanding and loving made Samantha feel totally comfortable and protected by her cousin. Lily's opinion matters a lot to Samantha, and she does everything to make Lily happy and carefree, despite her insatiable hunger and childish temper causing several accidents where Samantha swallows dozens of people. Living together made Lily love Samantha very much, and now she considers her her little sister and Samantha finally feels like she has a real family.


Gabi is Lily's best friend and the second person Samantha trusts the most. Samantha considers Gabi to be a role model of who she wants to be when she's older: a person who even though she's able to eat people, still manages to have a normal life. Gabi treats Samantha very well, and feels a lot of empathy for what Samantha went through in her childhood. She tries to be the best person around her, even though every now and then she ends up swallowing people along with Samantha. Besides Lily, Samantha considers Gabi her second family.


Samantha met Jill after being babysitted by her. As Lily doesn't like to leave Samantha alone, she usually asks Gabi to take care of her cousin. However, after a series of misfortunes, Jill ended up being the right person to take care of Samantha. After finding out about the girl's past and that she was able to swallow people, Jill sympathized with Samantha, as they both had a difficult past. Lily considers Jill a bad influence on Samantha, but as Samantha often eats people she doesn't know, Lily ends up putting up with their friendship to have one more option for a person who can take care of Samantha.

Physiology and metabolism

Due to her extremely fast metabolism, Samantha lives in a perpetual state of absolute hunger. The only times she doesn't feel hungry are the few seconds when she's actually eating something, whether it's regular food or people. Even after the food or person reaches her stomach and the digestion process begins, Samantha's hunger immediately returns and she can't think of anything else but to continue eating. Playing video games or doing other activities can distract Samantha from her hunger, but that doesn't mean she's not feeling it, it's just that she's not paying attention to it.

After swallowing her own sister and spending years locked in her house, Samantha was malnourished, directly impacting her physiognomy. Even at the age of 18, Samantha has developed a slim, short physique. Being underfed only increased her smoldering hunger, a feeling that could only be countered with the distraction of watching cartoons.

Currently, Samantha is able to swallow dozens or even hundreds of people whole in minutes through her vacuum ability. Due to her intense hunger, the mere possibility of eating people releases huge doses of adrenaline, giving Samantha superhuman abilities. In addition to being extremely strong, fast and alert, Samantha's lung capacity increases to such an extent that she is able to suck air and everything around her straight into her stomach, like a mega vacuum cleaner. This makes Samantha able to swallow dozens of people in seconds, often also swallowing cars and other objects.

After swallowing a person, Samantha's metabolism speeds up and starts producing acid to start the digestion process. This acid production cannot be countered in any way. After the production of acids, digestion quickly begins and the person is digested in about 30 minutes. Samantha's stomach acids are able to digest anything, from clothes to all kinds of metals, and there's still nothing she hasn't been able to digest. Samantha's belly is first expanded forward and downward to accommodate the person and gradually shrinks with digestion. After 30 minutes, Samantha is back to normal with a flat belly. Due to her extremely accelerated metabolism, she doesn't gain any weight and becomes hungry again immediately after swallowing the person, even during digestion. Samantha knows that digestion is accelerated when she sleeps, since her metabolism can be dedicated exclusively to digestion. Samantha is unable to control digestion.

Samantha's stomach is capable of accumulating hundreds of people. She is always hungry and is never satisfied with any number of people. Stressful situations can cause Samantha to eat massive amounts of people, possibly more than a thousand. Samantha never reached a limit for the number of people she could eat. She doesn't have a personal record as it is very difficult to define the exact number of people she swallowed due to the large amount, but it is surely more than 100 people. After swallowing a large number of people, Samantha's belly expands on all sides, becoming a huge, dense and rounded mass of skin and flesh. The people inside are very tight, barely able to move. Faces, hand and foot marks can be seen moving slowly outside, caused by the contortions of people trying to get out. Muffled shouts for help and pleas for mercy can also be heard through the skin of Samantha's belly.

The digestion of a large number of people doesn't last more than ten hours, and Samantha always wakes up with a flat stomach after a night's sleep. This process is energetically very expensive and the absorbed nutrients are used in the digestion itself. Samantha's mouth is capable of opening wide enough to swallow more than ten adults at once.

Samantha is able to move normally with up to two people inside her belly. She is able to move slowly after eating up to four people. After swallowing eight people, Samantha moves very slowly, having to drag her belly across the floor and walls. Above eight people, Samantha is virtually immobile, being able to move using her vacuum ability by pointing at very large, immobile objects. Instead of sucking the object, it ends up dragging Samantha towards it, causing her to move. This locomotion is quite efficient, despite some difficulties to make turns and accidents where Samantha ends up swallowing vehicles. Although it does not seem, Samantha is extremely strong, able to overcome the strength of five people together. This is due to her people-based diet during her recent development. Samantha's belly is extremely resistant, able to withstand punches and kicks. It is possible that even large objects, such as knives and gunshots, will not be able to pierce Samantha's belly.


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  • PaoGordo believes he based her on character Nibles from Tom & Jerry in the episode "The Little Orphan" and in the pictures of artist Brain3Times3.

  • Her appearances with Jill before 'Fun in hide n seek' are considered non-cannon or happening after the comic.

  • She might have swallowed the family cat (''information might not be canon anymore'').

Outdated Information

Warning: This information is no longer canon and has been retconned.


  • Samantha is a 8 years old girl, who is always hungry. Her parents and her sister were always yelling at her for eating so much. One day while sleepwalking she ate all the food and then swallowed her family. They told her to get help from the nieghbors. Not wanting to have her belly cut open,she swallows the neighbours. After that she decided to only eat people, because they are mean to him. She met Jill in one of her babysitting adventures. After saving Jill from what would be certain doom, she started to hang out with her, acting almost as a sidekick and, of course, getting a taste of the meal too.


  • Jill: She and Jill are great friends. Jill takes Sammy to various places where there's always someone to eat.

  • Jenny: She and Jeny are friends. Sammy likes that Jenny is not bother with how much she eats.

  • Livia: Livia really likes Samantha.Sammy reminds her of herself when she was in her prime. As a director of CIA she tries to protect her by covering the disappearances she causes.

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