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General Info

Name: Fun in the movie theater


Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: AvoraComics

Date of Release: Jan 16, 2018

Predators: Gabi / Lara Flynn Boyle

Number of people eaten: 10

Fun in the movie theater is a comic produced and written by PaoGordo and drawn by AvoraComics. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Gabi and Emily going to a cinema to see their favourite character - Serleena.


Gabi tells Emily to hurry up. Evelyn asks what's with the hurry as they still have plenty of time, but Gabi wants to get the best seats. Emily finally comes down in a Serleena cosplay and Evelyn asks why they're so excited. Emily explains it'sMen in Black 4 and the movie has a lot of vore in it. The mother wants to ask more questions, but Emily pushes Gabi and the sisters leave. When the girls arrive at the theater, Gabi takes her coat off revealing lingerie Serleena wore in the movie. The girls wait eagerly for the movie to start, while a mysterious person observes everyone.

After the movie the mysterious person listens to people's reactions. They quite negative and consider the vore focus to be a turn-off.But she's quite surprised when Gabi and Emily leave pleased with the movie. She asks if they really mean it, and Gabi recognizes the person as Lara Flynn Boyle, the main star. They sisters are very excited. Lara offers the sisters a drink.

At the restaurant the women happily chat. Lara leaves to the restroom. Emily tells Gabi she should show off what she can do. Gabi is against it, she doesn't want to scare her, but according to Emily Lara is into vore and maybe even can do it. Lara comes back and offers the girls aride home, but a man recognizes her as the woman fromthat awful movie.Emily stands in her defense and a scuffle ensues. Emily falls down and enraged Gabi swallows the man whole in front of everyone. She tells Emily to lock the door and surprised Lara observes as Gabi then eats the staff and then other patrons. Two people come out of the restroom and Gabi tries to get them, but her stomach is too big. Emily asks Lara to scare them outside, and Lara goes to the restroom.

Gabi is sad and worried, because now that Lara saw her eating pople she'll have to eat her too, but Emily calms her down. The older sister realises Emily caused a scene specifically to have Lara witness her. Lara comes out of the restroom with a big belly, revealing she can eat people too. She explains she also wanted have some fun and her secret is safe with her.

Gabi wants to apologize, but Lara invites Gabi to work with her on the sequel. The sisters are overjoyed after meeitng their favourite heroine.



Emily's older sister, Gabi is a college student who spends most of her time studying. Because she is able to swallow and digest people whole, she is the target of several pranks by her younger sister, who is a vore addict. These pranks almost always end up with Gabi eating several people against her will. 


Gabi's younger sister, Emily is a high school student who is addicted to vore. She spends most of her time browsing Eka's Portal and devising ways to force her sister to swallow and digest people. Being obsessed with vore, she is able to sacrifice her friends just to see Gabi with a full stomach. 


The girls' mother. She and her husband discovered that their eldest daughter was capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. Afraid of what would happen to Gabi if the government found about her appetite, they decided to raise the girl by feeding her only a few times with people. They consider that they have done a god job parenting, despite the thousands of lives lost to Gabi's stomach.

Lara Flynn Boyle

She is an american and producer. One of her most famous roles is Serleena, the Kylothian Queen in the movie Men in Black II, which includes a famous vore scene.

People at the restaurant

Staff and guests at a restaurant. Some of the patrons previously saw Men in Black 4.




  • The story continues in Fun in the movie theater 2.

  • Other movies at the cinema are: Baby Fat Sneak Peak (Baby Fat is creation of AdjectiveNounCombo, who has also drawn Red Riding Hood and Halloween party); Transformer XXII: Just Explosions; Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

  • The comic Gabi's revenge (drawn by the same artist) shows the sisters took a photo with Lara after the rampage and Emily has the movie's poster.


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