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General Info

Name: Little sip, huge consequences


Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: AngelGTS

Date of Release: Jun 12, 2017

Predators: Samantha

Number of people eaten: Billions

Little sip, huge consequences is a short sequence of drawings produced by PaoGordo and drawn by AngelGTS. It is non-canon. The story revolves around Samantha drinking a growth serum in a mad scientists' lab.


Samantha entered a laboratory of a mad scientist and and takes a little sip from one of her secret formulas. She thinks there is nothing wrong with it, but the scientist is horrified. It turns out she drunk a growth potion and she's now the size of a building. Outside she starts to eat people and the more she eats, the more she grows. er huge belly crushes buildings under its weight. But despite eating so many people she's still hungry. In the end the gigantic Samantha eats the whole Earth and Moon, and she's still hungry.



Samantha is an always hungry child. Jill is her babysitter.

Mad Scientist

A red haired mad scientist who creates a growth serum.





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