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General Info:


Age: 18

Height: ?

Three sizes: ?

Occupation: School student

Max people eaten: None

Birthday: ?

Hobbies: ?

Favorite food: ?

Alice is a character on the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is Emily's girlfriend and just like her she's into vore.


Alice is a young girl. She has blue dyed hair and wears glasses. Her skin is quite pale.


She's a little bit shy. The topic of her family is quite hard for her.


She developed her love for vore after her mom read her some stories and then watching cartoons. She then discovered Eka's Portal.

She's a transfer student. About one month after her transfer she saw Emily being bullied over drawings in her sketchbook. She draw two women eating people and then passed the note to Emily during a lesson. After that they became friends and later much more. As of yet she has no idea Emily's sister is capable of actually eating people.


Alice's Father

Alice lives with her father. They don't talk a lot with each other, and he sets strict rules when she has to come back home after school. He works a lot. 

Alice's Mother

Her current status is unknown. Alice doesn’t talk about her a lot.


Emily is her girlfriend. They bonded over their love for vore. 


Gabi likes Alice. 

Evelyn and Jacob

Alice quickly became a family friend. Emily notice she brought up something, which quickly disappears without her. 

Physiology and metabolism

Alice is incapable of eating other people. She and Emily had a stuffing date during which she managed to swallow a roast chicken. 


Character gallery can be found HERE.


  • She describes her fetish as vanilla, only oral vore.

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