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Jill Age: 22 Height: 173 cm (5'8") / H93 Three sizes: B100 / W55 / H93 Occupation: Babysitter Max people eaten: 25 Birthday: April 5 Hobbies: Playing with her food Favorite food: People

Jill is a character in the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is a misterious girl that wonders around, capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. She was created by PaoGordo in 2014, being their first original character.


Jill has long, red hair. She has green eyes and wears glasses. She likes to have semi-permanent tattoos like a rose with thorns on her hip and a skull on her neck. Overall she is a very beautiful and sexy girl.

Jill has big breasts, with a 100 cm bust. Like Gabi, this is probably due to her diet rich in people during her development. She has an hourglass-shaped body, drawing the attention of men and women wherever it goes.

Jill's wardrobe is quite varied, with a wide variety of styles. In normal situations, she likes to wear elegant clothes such as long dresses and social clothes. However, most of the time Jill wears clothes that are very tight and skimpy to get the attention of both men and women. She likes to call them "hunting clothes" as they help her attract people to swallow them. As Jill enjoys roleplaying with her preys, she often wears costumes like the Big Bad Wolf, Witch and whatever else she enjoys. Of course, these costumes always has a lot of lingerie, making Jill extremely sexy.


Jill is a very communicative and charismatic girl, quickly becoming friends with people in no time. However, this friendly side of her is a facade to hide her true intentions: she is very fake and self-serving, usually getting close to people in order to eat them. Jill uses her above-normal intelligence and social skills to understand people's profiles and how best to manipulate them, acting extremely vulgarly to attract men who want to have sex with her, or acting innocently or as a victim to deceive selfless people. She sees people as food, nothing more. This utilitarian behavior makes Jill have very few friends.

As she loves to swallow people, Jill is a teaser and a mean person. She likes to tease her preys, making it clear that they will be swallowed and there is nothing they can do to stop it. Jill delights in the despair and the salty taste of her victims' tears. After swallowing a few people, she likes to open her mouth to let someone stick their head and arms out, giving a glimpse of hope that they can escape. Then Jill slurps the person back into her stomach, crushing their hope. That way, the victims in her stomach start struggling and squirming again, a feeling Jill loves.

Jill is a very confident person, a behavior that ends up putting her in several dangerous situations. By considering that she has the situation under control, she is careless and exposes herself to unnecessary problems. These situations usually boil down to Jill overeating and falling asleep, being awakened by the victims' relatives seeking revenge. So far, Jill has always managed to escape from these situations, whether coming up with some last minute strategy or being saved by other people, like Samantha.

In addition to being addicted to swallowing people, Jill is also addicted to sex. She uses dating apps like Tinder to find partners and future victims. Unfortunately (or fortunately), most of the time Jill's hunger speaks louder and she ends up eating her partners before consummating the relationship.

Despite being terrible most of the time, Jill has a loving and gentle side to the few people she cares about. These people are capable of or have some relationship with those who can also swallow and digest people whole. Jill considers as friends Gabi, Emily (who Jill has a great affection), Samantha, Lily (although Lily doesn't consider her her friend) and her cousin Jenny.


Jill's past is very mysterious and she rarely talks about it. Jill spent most of her childhood and adolescence as a wanderer, traveling from city to city taking several victims. She used to break or be invited into a house, swallow up all the residents and live there until the house's food and money ran out. At that time, she attended the neighborhood school, causing more victims. Despite not having a formal education, Jill managed to become an extremely intelligent person by reading many books in the homes of the people she ate. Jill never spoke of her parents and her only known relative is her cousin Jenny, who also rarely talks about her past.

From what is known, Jill has always been able to swallow people, as she doesn't talk about a past where that didn't happen. It's possible that she doesn't remember that past or doesn't want to expose it, as Jill is a very proud person and doesn't like to show weakness.

During her teens, Jill began to work as a babysitter in the homes of families in the cities where she spent some time. Her modus operandi was: waiting for the parents to leave, swallowing the children and waiting for the parents to come back, swallowing the parents, and living in the house until the money and food ran out. In the end, she looked for another family to work as a babysitter. Over time, Jill developed a peculiar taste for playing make-believe with the children in the house before swallowing them, staging children's tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. Her favorite character is the Big Bad Wolf.

Jill recently arrived in the town where Gabi and Emily live. After attending the university cafeteria, she invited one of the students on a date. Watchful, at that moment Jill noticed Gabi and Lily. After swallowing the student and the Galecki family, Jill returned to the cafeteria the next day and found Gabi. Realizing that Gabi's breasts had grown overnight, Jill realized Gabi could eat people too and blackmailed her into attending a party that very day. After swallowing several girls together and Jill meeting Emily, Gabi and Jill became friends, even though Gabi disagrees with Jill's various behaviors.

After reading some messages on Gabi's cell phone, Jill met Samantha, Lily's cousin. Impressed by how many people Samantha is able to swallow, even Jill considers that the girl needs limits. Despite loathing Jill, Lily decided to put up with her because of the difficulty she has in finding people to take care of Samantha that will not eventually be swallowed up.



Jill is friends with Gabi. They met shortly after Jill arrived in the city, after Jill swallowed the Galecki family and settled in their home. At first, Gabi didn't like Jill. Jill realized that Gabi could also swallow people after noticing the abrupt change in the size of Gabi's breasts, and blackmailed her into going to a party at her house. The two ended up having sex and swallowing several girls who attended Jill's gym. Although Gabi no longer wanted to meet Jill, she reappeared to spend the day with Emily. After Jill swallowed several of Emily's classmates, it was revealed that Gabi was jealous of Jill and afraid that she and Emily would become best friends. After all this confusion, Gabi and Jill became friends, although Gabi don't like the fact that Jill is a bad influence for Emily. Jill tries to encourage Gabi to enjoy her ability and swallow more people and Gabi tries to bring more reasonability to Jill. Although Jill doesn't like it, she admits that Gabi is capable of swallowing more people at once than she is.


Jill has a great affection for Emily since the girl loves her. Emily finds in Jill everything she would like her sister Gabi to be. The two have come together several times, with Emily helping Jill to swallow people, usually her classmates. However, Jill doesn't hang out with Emily as much because she likes to hunt alone, especially when her adventures involve more adult activities. Even so, Jill highly values her adventures with Emily.


Jill met Lily through Gabi. Jill peeked at Gabi's cell phone and saw an exchange of messages mentioning Samantha. Although Samantha is 18 years old, her childish behavior makes Lily unable to leave her alone, needing someone to keep an eye on her. The mystery surrounding Samantha caused Jill to deceive Lily, volunteering to take care of the girl. After Jill's carelessness, Samantha ended up swallowing dozens of people, making Lily angry. Jill likes Lily, even though Lily hates her. She tries to gain Lily's trust by doing her best to help Samantha, though most of her adventures ended up with both Jill and Samantha with a full belly.


Jill empathizes with Samantha, as the two had a difficult childhood. Even growing up without her parents, Jill still considers herself luckier than Samantha, as she thinks it's better not to have her parents company than to have parents who mistreat her. This makes Jill try to help Samantha in every way possible, even though Jill is very greedy and ends up taking any opportunity to eat people. This puts her in trouble that needs Samantha's help, which usually leads to more people being swallowed up. The fact that Samantha is always hungry and doesn't have a limit on how many people she can eat frightens Jill, making her admit that Samantha needs to control her hunger somehow.

Gabi and Emily's parents

Gabi and Emily's parents like Jill, although they find her a bit vulgar and careless about swallowing people.


Jill likes Emily's girlfriend Alice, mainly because Alice sees her as an amazing person. Even unaware of the fact that Jill can swallow people whole, Alice thinks Jill is also a vore addict just like herself and Emily. When Alice isn't present, Jill likes to tease Emily by threatening that she will swallow Alice someday.

Physiology and Metabolism

Unlike Gabi, Jill's diet is mostly made up of people. After devouring one or several people, Jill usually goes a few days without eating, since the amount of calories ingested is enough to sustain her for some time. Still, Jill always swallows people when she has the opportunity, making it difficult for her to go more than two days without eating someone.

After swallowing a person, Jill's metabolism speeds up and starts producing acid to start the digestion process. Jill's body is resistant to drugs that decrease the production of stomach acids, eliminating the possibility that anyone can survive the digestive process. After the production of acids, digestion begins and the person is digested in about three hours. Jill's stomach acids are very strong and can break down any type of clothing and small amounts of metal. Jill's belly is first expanded forward and downward to accommodate the person and gradually shrinks with digestion. After three hours, Jill appears to be three months pregnant. Her breasts expand significantly during this period, the region that accumulates most of the nutrients. After a night's sleep, Jill's belly returns to normal and the rest of the nutrients accumulate in her hips. Jill knows that digestion is accelerated when she sleeps, since the metabolism can be dedicated exclusively to digestion. Jill is unable to control digestion.

Jill's stomach can accommodate several people. More greedy than Gabi, Jill is satisfied after eating at least three people, motivating her to look for houses with entire families. However, Jill delights in banquets made up of five to ten people. After eating more than ten people, Jill starts to get bloated and have a hard time swallowing more people. Her record was swallowing 25 people. After swallowing a large number of people, Jill's belly expands on all sides, becoming a huge, dense and rounded mass of skin and flesh. The people inside are very tight, barely able to move. Faces, hand and foot imprints can be seen moving slowly outside, caused by the contortions of people trying to get out. Muffled shouts for help and pleas for mercy can also be heard through the skin of Jill's belly.

Digestion of large numbers of people can take days, even after several hours of sleep. This process is energetically very expensive and most of the absorbed nutrients are used in the digestion itself. Even so, the part of the nutrients will accumulate mainly in Jill's breasts and hips, increasing them in several numbers. However, since Jill can't eat as many people as Gabi, her breasts can't get as big. Jill's breasts can get almost as big as Gabi's if she eats and digests several people consecutively, as the energy spent on digestion will be less than if she digests several people at once. Jill's mouth is capable of opening wide enough to swallow three adults at once.

Jill is able to move normally with up to two people inside her belly. She is able to move slowly after eating up to four people. After swallowing eight people, Jill moves very slowly, having to drag her belly across the floor and walls. Above ten people, Jill is virtually immobile. The people-based diet of her made Jill extremely strong, able to overcome the strength of three people together. Jill's belly is extremely resistant, able to withstand punches and kicks. Small sharp or piercing devices are not able to pierce the thick and resistant layer of skin. It is possible that large, sharp objects or firearms can pierce and tear Jill's belly, but to this day this has not been done.


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  • Created in July 2014, Jill is PaoGordo's first OC, older than Gabi and Emily.

  • Her appearances before 'Fun in hide n seek' are considered non-cannon or happening after Jill met Samantha.

  • PaoGordo relied on Serleena from MIB II to create her. "She is evil. She is the villain. And that's why we like her.”

Outdated Information

Warning: This information is no longer canon and has been retconned.


  • Her mother Livia abandoned her when she was still a child. Her father is gone (most probably eaten by Livia). She was left in an orphanage until she was 13 years old. During that time she ate 25 people, both children and adults. She left after the orphanage was closed (due to her appetite) and started her babysitting business. At each job she would eat everyone at the house, live there for some time and then move to the next house.


  • Samantha: Samantha met Jill in one of her Jill and the seven little kids babysitting adventure. After saving Jill from what would be certain doom, she started to hang out with her, acting almost as a sidekick and, of course, getting a taste of the meal too.

  • Jenny: Jenny is Jill's cousin and they were friends since childhood. When they were younger they had fruit eating contests - who could swallow the biggest fruit whole won. Jenny always won. Since then Jill took a step further and started to eat people whole. Whenever Jill visited Jenny, mysterious disappearances happened. At first animals vanished but then people went missing too. People blamed it on "El chupacabra", but it was Jill all along. Despite their friendship, Jill didn't reveal it to Jenny fearing her reaction. During Jill and Samantha's El Chupacabra Jill swallowed some kids and revealed to Jenny she could eat people, and that maybe it ran in the family. Jenny tried it, successfully swallowing two kids at once, and started to eat people from there.

  • Livia: Jill's mother. She's responsible for several disappearances in the 80's when she was 15 years old. She most probably ate her husband and then left Jill in an orphanage. She later became a Director of CIA. Despite this abandonment Livia protected her daughter and Samantha by covering up disappearances. Livia is capable of eating more people than Jill. She keeps bringing up how she ate a whole school and no one suspected anything.

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