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General Info

Name: Emily’s past

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Date of Release: Nov 24, 2016

Predators: Gabi

Number of people eaten: 19

Emily's past is a story written by PaoGordo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Emily discovering Gabi's ability to eat people. The story is divided into three parts.


Part 1

The girls’ mother calls Emily for dinner. She switches off her computer and wonders about the website she had discovered - Eka's Portal. Ever since she was a young child she fantasized about eating people, partially due to her sister Gabi telling her vore-themed fairy tales. She wonders if Gabi likes vore too, but she's too scared to ask.

During dinner Emily asks where Gabi is. Her mother explains Gabi is in her room with stomach problems. Emily shows off how good she's with eating with a big spoon of food. When asked about why she's so excited, she explains she found something on theinternet, but she doesn't say it's vore. The parents joke about their daughters' ability to swallow, much to Emily's confusion. After dinner Emily goes to Gabi and asks if she's feeling well. From behind closed door Gabi explains it's just indigestion and a doctor had a look at it. After that Emiyl browses Eka's again. She's surprised when she realises she's been doing it for three hours and goes to sleep.

In her dreams she's in her class and everyone laughs at her and calls her a freak. Emily swallows one of the bullies named Josh and taunts him while everyone cries. She goes on an eating spree in the corridors. Suddenly the roof is torn by a giantess and Emily is swallowed.

Emily wakes up from a vore nightmare for the third time since discovering the site.

Part 2

Emily runs to the kitchen. Gabi, now feeling well, tells it's the third time she's late. Emily tells her she was studying and Gabi drives her to school. Josh and other bullies start mocking Emily, calling her a freak, and she's helpless to it. Gabi does nothing in the morning, but when she picks her sister in the afternoon she asks her about it. Emily tells about discovered her fascination with vorewith her fairy tales and about Eka's. In the evening Emily shows of her favorite pictures and artists.

The next day when Gabi drives Emily to school she comes to the bullies and invites them home to study. Emily is surprised by this, but Gabi tells her to give them a chance.

Part 3

Gabi wonders why her sister invited her bullies. They are quite shocked about the invitation too, but that doesn't stop them from nullying Emily. After school they group comes to Emily's home. Gabi is quite sweet to them. She sends them to Emily's room and Gabi goes to hers while Emily waits in the living room. She dresses into a bikini.Emily asks what's going on and Gabi respons with a request to trust her. The girls go upstairs, lock the door and Emily notices her sister looks at the boys with hunger. When the bullies order Gabi to bring some snacks, Gabi starts to swallow them. Emily finally realises all of her sisters weirdness (locking herslef in her room with "indigestion", the fairy tales) were because Gabi can eat people. Josh begs Emily to give him the keys, but Emily pushes him into Gabi's direction. Emily presses her head to the stomach and hears their cries for help. The sisters show it to the parents and they have a dinner together. Emily wonders if who the giantess was.

In the epilogue Gabi swallows 13 children in Emily's class. She asks if they all deserved it, to which Emily responds they all bullied her. Gabi realises Emily purposefully antagonized her classmates and calls her a freak. 



Emily's older sister, Gabi is a college student who spends most of her time studying. Because she is able to swallow and digest people whole, she is the target of several pranks by her younger sister, who is a vore addict. These pranks almost always end up with Gabi eating several people against her will.


Gabi's younger sister, Emily is a high school student who is addicted to watching vore (as she cannot eat people herself). She spends most of her time browsing Eka's Portal, and devising ways to force her sister to swallow and digest people. Since she is obsessed with vore, she will gladly sacrifice her friends just to see Gabi with a fully stuffed and enlarged stomach.


Gabi and Emily's parents, Evelyn and Jacob, discovered many years ago that their eldest daughter was capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. Afraid of what would happen to Gabi if the government found about her appetite, they decided to raise the girl by feeding her only a few times with people. They consider that they have done a god job parenting, despite the thousands of lives lost to Gabi's stomach.


Gabi's victim at the beginning of the story.


A groupof bullies who bullyEmily. They are led by Josh. They are quite mesmerized with Gabi's beauty and big breasts.




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