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Emily Age: 18 Height: 155 cm (5'1") Three sizes: B72 / W52 / H80 Occupation: School student Max people eaten: None Birthday: March 15 Hobbies: Browsing Eka's Portal Favorite food: Chocolate cake

Emily is a character on the Gabi and Emily Universe. She is Gabi's sister. She likes to torment her sister by planning schemes for Gabi to eat people and get her into embarrassing situations. She was created by PaoGordo in 2015.


Emily has a short, blonde, and straight hair that reaches to the beginning of her neck. She has light blue eyes like her sister.

Emily is a thin girl, with much lower proportions than her sister. One of her biggest dislikes is with her breasts, which are much smaller than Gabi's.

She normally uses t-shirts combined with shorts or skinny leggings. Her t-shirt choices are usually colorful and with several designs, commonly anime designs. She also uses colorful skirts and shirts. For special occasions, she uses long dress as well as her sister. For beach trips, she uses bathing suits since she doesn't like bikinis all that much. She likes to use different colored sneakers, and hates using high heel shoes. For having a thin body, she likes to use bigger-than-her-size clothes.


Emily is a brilliant person with a very high IQ. She has the best grades in her classes without studying much. She usually uses her brilliance to play tricks on her sister Gabi, forcing her to swallow several people.

Emily is addicted to vore, browsing Eka's Portal whenever she gets the chance. It is likely that this addiction was influenced by Gabi and the stories she told Emily when she was younger, before going to sleep. After discovering that her sister was able to swallow and digest people whole, Emily became even more obsessed with vore. Unfortunately for Emily, Gabi doesn't like to swallow people just to satisfy her sister's desires, and she often spends hours explaining the terrible consequences of swallowing people. Gabi's sermons never work, and Emily always goes back to devising schemes to deceive Gabi, causing her to swallow more people.

Being addicted to vore, Emily often pays no attention in class and draws pictures of her swallowing people or with a full belly. The other students have already stolen these drawings and bullied Emily, mocking her addiction to vore. This caused Emily to isolate herself from most of her classmates. She has few friends and usually sees them only as food for Gabi. She enjoys making friends with new students and inviting them to her home to study, the perfect trap for serving them as a meal for her sister. Recently Emily made a real friendship, Alice, a new student who is also addicted to vore.

Despite fighting a lot with her sister, Emily respects and admires Gabi. Deep down, Emily envies her sister a lot, since she sees herself as Gabi worsened. She would like to flaunt her sister's huge breasts and attract the attention of men and women, just like Gabi. And Emily's biggest misfortune is not being able to swallow and digest whole people, just like her sister. She considers the fact that she loves so much vore and cannot eat people while Gabi can eat several people but doesn't like vore as one of the greatest injustices in the world.

Despite not being able to swallow people, Emily is able to experience a little of the feeling of being full by stuffing herself with food. She devours meals in her house until her belly is full and then lies on her bed pretending to having swallowed a whole person. Emily was once capable of swallowing a watermelon on a trip with Gabi and a whole small roast pig in a stuffing session with Alice.


Emily and her family live in the United States. Due to several accidents where her sister Gabi swallowed classmates and teachers, they moved a lot between neighborhoods and cities during Emily's childhood. She goes to the same school where Gabi graduated.

Emily's interest in vore appeared during her childhood. At that time, she didn't know about her older sister's ability to swallow people. Before going to sleep, Gabi told her stories and traditional fairy tales, but with some changes. She usually changed the protagonist of the story for a girl and incorporated a little of herself into these characters. Because of this, the main characters in Gabi's stories were able to swallow and digest people. A classic story that Gabi altered was that of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf: Red Riding Hood ended up swallowing the Big Bad Wolf whole. Other changes were: Gretel swallowed the witch in Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks swallowed the bears in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and a female Big Wolf swallowed Mother Goat and her cubs in Wolf and The Seven Little Kids. Emily was excited about these stories and used to dream that she could swallow people when she slept. Emily's excitement motivated Gabi to tell more stories like that, causing the characters to swallow more and more people. When Emily grew up and started using the internet, she immediately searched for vore and ended up finding Eka's Portal, starting her addiction and obsession with vore.

Gabi decided to show Emily that she could swallow people after seeing Emily being bullied at school for liking vore. On that occasion, Gabi invited the bullies to her home and swallowed them in front of Emily. Gabi thought that it would increase the bonds between her and her sister, but it ended up triggering Emily's addiction to vore, causing her to try at all costs to get Gabi to swallow people in front of her. Gabi regrets that decision today.

Emily recently met Alice at school. By sharing the same addiction to vore, they instantly became best friends.



Gabi is her older sister and she's capable of eating people, something Emily keeps abusing, much to Gabi's dismay. Despite always being in conflict with Emily, Gabi loves her younger sister and would never hurt her. Gabi admits that Emily is much smarter than her and fears what could happen if she learned to swallow people. Because of this, she tries to be a role model for her sister, always pointing out that eating people is wrong. Gabi knows that Emily envies her, from her ability to swallow and digest people to her gifted body, and feels a little sorry for her. But Gabi doesn't miss the opportunity to make fun of her sister, resting her huge breasts on her head or eating the boys Emily likes.


Emily hates Lily, both considering themselves enemies. While Lily acts as the voice of reason, instructing Gabi to control her instincts and to avoid eating people as much as possible, Emily thinks her sister should be less concerned and enjoy her gift more. Emily thinks that deep down Gabi loves to swallow people and that she would be a happier person if she acted only on instinct. Because of these differences, Emily and Lily are hardly able to interact, and only join forces when Gabi is in danger.


Emily adores Jill, finding in her everything she would like her sister Gabi to be. The two have come together several times, with Emily helping Jill to swallow people, usually her classmates. However, Emily does not hang out with Jill as much as she would like, since Jill is a very mysterious girl who usually disappears for several days. Even so, Emily highly values her adventures with Jill. Although she adores Jill, Emily admits that her sister Gabi is still capable of swallowing more people, something that Emily values a lot.

Emily's Parents

Evelyn and Jacob are the parents of Gabi and Emily. After discovering that Gabi was able to swallow and digest people when she was 7 years old, they were afraid of what could happen to their daughter if it were to go public. They are proud of their girls and very proud of Emily's intelligence. They praise Gabi more, but just because they know Emily's more competitive and will work harder. After the attack by bandits in her house, Emily discovered that her mother is also capable of swallowing people. Her biggest surprise of her was to learn that she had swallowed people since before dating her father of her, and that her father knew it too. This discovery made Emily question whether she will ever be able to swallow people, as this ability appears to have genetic origins and she has not yet developed it. Her mother seeks to comfort Emily by saying that one day she will be able to eat people too, though deep down she wishes she never could.


She's a transfer student. About one month after her transfer she saw Emily being bullied over vore drawings in her sketchbook. She draw two women eating people and then passed the note to Emily during a lesson. After that they became friends and later much more.

Physiology and metabolism

Emily is incapable of eating other people.


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  • Emily feels like a worse copy of Gabi: Gabi has huge boobs, which Emily would love to have; Gabi is older and can do a lot of things that she can't; Gabi has dozens of men and women hitting on her for how beautiful she is, meanwhile the boys and girls in Emily classroom bully her for liking vore; and the worst part - Gabi can swallow and digest dozens of people but refuses to something that Emily loves so much.

  • She has a Twitter account.

  • She has an account on Eka's Portal: Her desciption is “Predator only. Only unwilling prey. Belly capacity: 50 people.”; She has pictures on it, all commisioned. Her favourite artist is Frakass.

  • She calls Gabi "fatass".

  • If she gets an ability to vore people, she'd eat the mailman first, then the bus driver, and then her class.

  • She dreams a lot about being able to vore people:

  • When she discovered Eka's Portal she had dreams about eating her classmates, but then she was eaten by an unknown giantess.

  • She had one during Christmas where Gabi lost her ability and she ate a lot of people and grew in a giantess. The dream ended with her being blown up by a nuclear bomb.

  • Sometimes she stuffs herself full of leftovers and pretends she ate someone. 

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