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General Info

Name: Fun in school

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: VaguenessIncoming

Date of Release: Dec 17, 2018

Predators: Gabi

Number of people eaten: 6

Fun in school is a comic produced and written by PaoGordo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Gabi's parents being called to school after 8-year-old daughter swallowed a student.


Evelyn, Gabi's mother, receives a call from the Principal of a school. Gabi has eaten another student. Evelyn acts shocked to this, but in reality she and her husband know their daughter is capable of eating people. She asks who else saw it, and tells her they will come to school. She calls Jacob to come to school and quickly drives there.

The parents had tried to control the appetite of their daughter, but the situations at school is the first major accident Gabi has caused. Evelyn is worried and Jacob takes the lead. They decide to act natural, pretend they don't know anything. In the room the Principal and the teacher watch over Gabi. The kid inside her stomach was still fighting. Gabi tries to caress her belly, but every time she's stopped by the teacher. The parents ask what happened. For some time a group of kids had been picking on Gabi, including Bob, and today Gabi swallowed him on the playground. Mrs. Anna, Gabi's teacher, after seeing this brought her to the Principal's office. Bob is still alive inside and calls for help. Jacob proposes he'll take Gabi to the nearest hospital and the principal agrees, but Gabi wants the boy to stay, just like the pizza boys. The parents tried to change the subject, but over the course of the conversation it turns out Gabi has eaten another student before.

The Principal wants to call the police. Evelyn knocks her out, and orders Jacob to lock the door, then she grabs Mrs. Anna. She apologises for what's she's about to do and feeds her to Gabi. Jacob asks what to do with the Principal, and Evelyn asks Gabi if she can eat one more person. Gabi confirms and the Principal is swallowed with Evelyn's encouragement. She tells her daughter after this she's continue her regular diet, but Bob's parents come in and see Gabi. Evelyn lets her eat them.

After thirty minutes the family come back home in a SUV with Gabi in the trunk. They carry her to the bedroom and when they put her down the legs of the bed break. Gabi falls asleep and her parents worry what to do next. Evelyn is quite impressed with Gabi swallowing five people, but they decide to make sure this accidents never happen again.



Emily's older sister, Gabi is a college student who spends most of her time studying. Because she is able to swallow and digest people whole, she is the target of several pranks by her younger sister, who is a vore addict. These pranks almost always end up with Gabi eating several people against her will.

Gabi's parents

Gabi and Emily's parents, Evelyn and Jacob, discovered many years ago that their eldest daughter was capable of swallowing and digesting people whole. Afraid of what would happen to Gabi if the government found about her appetite, they decided to raise the girl by feeding her only a few times with people. They consider that they have done a god job parenting, despite the thousands of lives lost to Gabi's stomach.


Principal of the school.Her call puts to motion events of the story. Gabi enrolled into her school the previous year.

Mrs. Anna

Gabi's teacher.


A student in Gabi's class. He bullied her, and Gabi swallowed him.


A girl in Gabi's class. She was eaten by Gabi a month ago.

Bob's Parents

Parents of Bob, who walk in on the family discussing what to do.




  • The parents think five people is Gabi's limit. When Gabi reaches her twenties the limit is thirty.

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