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General Info

Name: Saving Christmas

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Date of Release: Jan 9, 2015

Predators: Jill / Samantha

Number of people eaten: Hundred of thousands of naughty children, Johnson family and Santa Claus.

'Saving Christmas' is a writing produced and written by PaoGordo. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around Jill and Samantha saving Christmas. It's divided into three parts.


Part 1

It is a Christmas day. Jill and Samantha had eaten the family on the night before and now are enjoying some Christmas time. Jill wants to go out and eat someone, but Samantha wants to wait for Santa. Jill mocks her for believing in him, but she still decides to wait with her for him.

At midnight Santa Claus does appear. He tells them they are on the naughty list for eating people. but he has a mission for Samatha to save Christmas. A lot of children stopped believing in him. Instead of giving a lot of toys (which would be very expensive), he decided to punish the naughty ones. He chose Samantha because she doesn't eat people with malice. Sam asks Santa to bring Jill with them, but he forbids her eating anyone or she'll be punished. Jill accepts.

Part 2

The girls receve Christmas themed clothes and go with Santa to the first house. They jump through the chimney. Santa explains thanks to his powers he can deliver presents to everyone during one night. Samantha eats a boy named Bob and then they leave. By the fourth house Samantha's belly is huge, but Santa's magic teleports her inside and shrinks her belly down with a magic powder. Samantha eats five children in this house with Jill's help. When Jill asks how many more children will there be, Sanat responds thousands. Jill groans.

Part 3

Samantha eats hundred of thousand of children across the world. In the last house there's an accident and the parents find them. Jill swallows them and Santa becomes angry with her for breaking the rule. He takes them to the North Pole to his factory to have the Christmas Spirits judge her. Santa tells Samantha for her help he will give her one wishandlet her go, but Jill will remain with him. Samantha wishes Jill would eat him, and a gust of wind pushes him into Jill and she swallows him. Jill is terrified about swallowing Santa, but Samantha points out now that she ate him their deal is off and they can be together.

Suddenly a snowstorm starts around the girls and the Spirits of Christmas arrive. They commend Samantha for sacrificing her wish to help her friend, and they critice Jill for her making bad decisions. Since she ate Santa their business is technically done, but they still need to punish her, so they order her to swallow Santa's reindeer. After eating two Jill is full. As they talk about Santa's magic sack they hear a rumbling noise. Because Jill ate Santa, his powers stop working and Samantha's belly grows huge with thousands of children she ate. But despite that she's still hungry and could eat the rest of the reindeer.



Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off. She takes care of Samantha who's even more hungry than her.


Samantha is an always hungry child. Jill is her babysitter.


Family which hired Jill to take care of their children while they were out doing shopping for Christmas. Jill ate the kids, and Samantha ate the parents.

Santa Claus

Santa himself had tasked Samantha with eating the naughty children to punish their lack of belief in him. He has powers that allow him to jump through chimneys, carry a sack with massive amounts of presents, and land silently.

Naughty Children

Children who stopped believing in Santa Claus. all across the world.

Great Spirit of Christmas

Massive ice elementals of infinite power. They don't like Santa that much and think he's a bit of a stalker. 



  • Current canon of the work is hard to discern. It's either non-canon or happening after Jill met Samantha in 'Fun in hide n seek'.

  • Paogordo had commisioned a picture to go with the story as he was finishing the story and during this time concepts changed slightly.

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