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The Universe of Gabi and Emily is a fictional universe where the family of Gabi and Emily live and the other characters of the Vore Universe created by PaoGordo. It is a universe similar to the real one, but some people are able to swallow and digest others.


Paogordo is the creator of the characters in the universe of Gabi and Emily. They have a page on Eka's Portal, DeviantArt, sell webcomics on their E-Junkie page, and have a Patreon.


The universe of Gabi and Emily is similar to the real universe, but with some differences. The main one is that some individuals are able to swallow and digest people. This is a characteristic observed mainly in women, and one of the possibilities is that this is due to the female body's ability to undergo changes to support pregnancy. So far, no man has been able to swallow other people. Although possible, the ability to swallow and digest people is rare and unknown to the population as a whole. Only a small group of people know this skill, usually restricted to the family or friends of individuals who have it. As the act of digesting ends up killing the person, this would be considered murder, causing this ability to be hidden from the population. It is not known whether the ability to swallow people is genetic, as not all members of a family have it. Because it is a secret, there is no research to explain its cause.

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