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General Info

Name: Taken

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: PaoGordo

Artist: Red Star Alchemy, Debolte, Icudhara 

Date of Release: Dec 8, 2014

Predators: Jill / Samantha / Livia

Number of people eaten: A lot

Taken is a non-canon comic produced and written by PaoGordo and drawn by Red Star Alchemy, Debolte, and Icudhara. The story revolves around Jill and Samantha being taken by a government agency. 


In the 1980's Doctor Smith links a string of disappearances to a 15 year old girl. Despite his superiors not believing his "consumption theory" (the girl ate them all), he didn't stop pursuing it. When similar disappearances start happening in a small town, he and Agent James created a trap and capture Jill and Samantha, two girls who weren'tin the system. They're put in cages in a secret government facility.

Smith decides to find out everything about their digestion. To James' surprise he starts to feed men to them. After each of them eating two grown men Director Livia calls James to her office. James expains their backstories. Livia tells him not to harm the girls and asks him for the names of all agents connected to the case.

When James comes back he sees Jill and Samantha's massive bellies. Jill is full with 9 men and Samantha is still going. Livia calls James and tells him she's going to the lab. Smith plans to cut them open, when suddenly alarm goes off and the girls cages open. Smith tries to do something, but his passcode doesn't work. He realises only the Director could do it, and Livia enters the lab. She's only in her underwear and has eaten all the other people connected to the case. Livia greets the girls and it turns out Jill is her daughter. The agent realise why the girls weren't in the system and how Livia protected her daughter. Livia tells Jame she's fired and eats him. Then she uses the feeding crane to feed Smith to Jill. She warns the girls she won't be always able to protect them and they need to be more careful. She asks how may people they've eaten. Jill ate 11 and Sammy ate 41. When Jill points out she would have eaten more people if there were any left, a bell rings. Livia explains the bell signifies a change of shift and more people are coming. Samantha is happy because she's already hungry, to which Jill and Livia respon she's always hungry.



Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off.


Samantha is an always hungry child.

Doctor Smith

Head scientist who kidnaps Jill and Samantha.

Agent James

Agent sceptical of Smith's methods.

Director Livia

Director in the CIA and superior of Smith and James. She's also Jill's mother. 

Test Subjects

People fed to the girls by Doctor Smith while experimenting on them.




  • The first page was drawn by Red Star Alchemy and the subsequent by Debolte. The original comic was drawn in black and white, and in 2019 Icudhara had colored the pages.


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