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General Info

Name: A stranger in need

Producer: PaoGordo

Writer: VaguenessIncoming

Date of Release: Oct 19, 2018

Predators: Jill

Number of people eaten: 6

A stranger in need is a comic produced by PaoGordo and written by VaguenessIncoming. It takes place in the Gabi and Emily Universe. The story revolves around the Jackson family picking up a hitchhiker called Jill.


The Jackson Family: two parents and three children are coming back from a trip to zoo. On their way they pick up a hitchhiker called Jill. She looks to be in a very bad shape as her clothes ar ripped apart. Mary feels like Jill is observing her with great interest. Jill explains she had an altercation with her boyfriend and he has left her in the middle of nowhere. She also asks not to call the police. The parents decide to help her find way to her family. Because the car has five seats, Jill takes Mary on her lap. Mary doesn't like Jill, she feels something's wrong with her. Jill burps and Mary notices an ID ofConnor Johnson flew out of her mouth.

After a couple of hours the car arrives at the family home. The mother explains to Mary Jill is going to stay with them for a couple of days and she'll sleep in Mary's room. Mary tries to explain Jill might hate her, but Lucy tells her they're going to be friends in no time. Lucy shows the house to Jill and invites to her dinner. During it Jill is target of everyone's attention, much to Mary's dismay. Jill tells them how Connor was a horrible boyfriend and her life was quite harsh. Jill asks to finish the ham and gorges himself on it to everyone's shock. Paul jokes Jill might eat her if she's not careful, but Mary has a feeling Jill might actually do this.

In the evening Jill enters the parent's room, shows off her body to Paul, blows him a kiss and leaves before the wife comes to the room.

Mary wakes up in the middle of the night and sees Jill is gone. She goes to investigate. She finds a place covered in grease which reminds her of Jill eating during dinner and then sees Jill outside with Robbie grabbing him and holding him next to her mouth. Mary quickly runs to her room and goes to bed terrified. When she wakes up next day she dismissed what she saw as a nightmare. During breakfast the parents tell Jill they have some errands to do and wonder if she could take care of the children for a couple of hours. Jill agrees.

When the parents leave Jill proposes a game of Truth or Dare. The groupplays the game and when Mary's turn comes she asks for truth: if she ate hey boyfriend Connor. Jill smiles and explains she followed him, learned what he liked, seduced him, and when he tried to kiss her she swallowed him. The game continues and when Jill's turn comes she asks for a dare and Erik dares her to eat Mary. Jill grabs the girl and prepares to eat her to the horror of everyone, but she stopped when a doorbell rings. Jill goes to the door and has a conversation with Robbie. She invites him to come later. Jill comes back atd tries to eat Mary again,but the parents come back.

During dinner Jill barely eats anything and when she leaves the children erupt in shouting, telling the parents how dangerous Jill is. Paul goes to talk with Jill and he finds her wearing sexy wolf-themed lingerie belonging to his wife. Paulis surprised and aroused. As Jill comes closer he prepares to kiss her, but Jill swallows him.

The rest of the family hears his screams. Lucy tells her children to wait and goes to find her husband. She goes upstairs and Jill comes out with a big belly. She runs away and Jill pursues her. Lucy tells her children to follow her. Jill gets to the door and blocks their escape. She grabs the twins and swallows them. She prapares to eat Lucy but a doorbell rings. Jill puts her down and opens the door. Robbie comes in and sees what's happening, but Jill eat shim first. Lucy and Mary run upstiars to the loft . Mary climbs first. As Lucy climbs she's grabbed by Jill and eaten by Jill. Mary tries to pull the ladder up, but Jill grabs it and pulls it to her. Mary falls on Jill's stomach who grabs her and eats her.

After eating everyone Jill falls asleep and wakes up in Mary's room. She has digested everyone and her outfit is ruined. She washes herself up and hits the road again, certain to find another gullible family to take her in.



Jill is a voracious babysitter who eats children she takes care off. She takes care of Samantha who's even more hungry than her.

Paul Jackson

The patriarch of the family. He's in his mid-thirties and has a shaved hair.

Lucy Jackson

Matriarch of the family.

Mary Jackson

The youngest child and only daughter. She doesn't trust Jill.

Eric and Steven Jackson

Paul and Mary's sons. They are twins and older brothers of Mary.

Connor Johnson

Jill's previous victim. She stalked him, seduced him and ate him when he tried to kiss her.


Kid from the neighborhood. The twins' favorite playmate and Mary'sonly friend.




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