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Aim component gives you a possibility to aim. The aim will be turned off if you start running. You will be able to aim if you are not in reload and if your weapon can aim (due to data table property). You can also set it in the data table if you need to use scope in this weapon or not and add an additional layer of scope (x2, x3, x4…). In the DT_Weapon data table you can set any aim settings for any weapon (Picture 53).

Picture 53 - Aim settings in data table 

You have two methods for aiming: widget and 3D scope. We implemented widget, because 3D scope is using Render Target, which can be very expensive. So you can use a widget, if you don't want to lose FPS. 

To change the Aim Method you need to toggle this variable in your component:


You can also add a scope as a modification to your weapon. This part is explained in the “1.20 Create New Modification”.

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