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To pickup or interact with data table objects you need to use interactable actors. The interactable object uses the information in the data table, so you need to make sure you have your actor in the data table. You need to find BP_InteractActor (Picture 33) and create a child from it (Picture 35). I will explain how to create an interactable item for each type of the existing items in the game in the specific tabs. 

Picture 33 - Interactable object actor

In the child actor you  can set the interaction area, mesh and the widget however you want. To initialize actor’s information you need to set the actor variable. You will also get the amount and the Ammo of the variable to your inventory after you interact with the object (Picture 34). 

Picture 34 - Set the interactable object information

Picture 35 - The creation of the interactable object child

You can also override after interact function to have a unique event after interact for this item (Picture 36).

Picture 36 - Interaction function override 

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