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  1. Add BP_MapScreenshot to your map. It will automatically calculate where it should be placed(by default, (0,0,0)). If your map has high places (e.g. L_Overview => SM_Building_5_MY) then place "SceneCaptureComponent" higher. We use Z=2000. Change Projection type to Orthographic. Also, change the “Ortho Width” value so that map doesn’t have black frames. (1)

  2. Find the "RT_MapScreenshot" map and right click => select "Create Static Texture". (2)

  3. Open the WB_MainUI widget and change the “Image” parameter of “WB_Minimap_Optimized” component. Paste the texture you created earlier here. (3)

  4. Change the “Map Length To Center” float parameter. You can calculate it very simple. (4)

Video tutorial

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