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To store information about the items in the world, like interactable items, we use the DT_Items data table. This data table you can find in the inventory folder. You can add any row from the items data table to the inventory of your character. Your character will also be able to pick up any item that is initialized in an interactable actor. 

In the data table you can add any item you want. You need to set the type of the item. TableRow variable depends on the type you set in the type variable. If you set a grenade - you need to use DT_Grenade, if you use a weapon - you need to use DT_Weapon and if you use Ammo - you need to use DT_Ammo.

Picture 31 - Inventory items data table new slot

Fill the items array with rows from items DT.  Description of data table slots: 

  • Table row depends on the type of the item (next variable). If you have a weapon in the slot you will need to have a weapon data table here, if ammo - ammo data table. 

  • Actor to connect is an actor that will be connected to the socket of your skeleton (next variable)

The most important part is an information about the inventory slot of the item

In the InvTexture structure you need to set an information about your item: it’s size and texture.

In the player inventory widget you can change equipment slots. You can change the background image of these items, size and the name.

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