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You have two types of lasers in the project. One of them is deprecated, so we have disabled it. You can activate it by setting “UseDepricatedMethod“ to true. In this component you can use a laser. If your weapon has a “HasLaser” variable in DT_Weapon data table set to true - you can toggle the laser of your weapon in the gameplay. For this you need to have an AC_WeaponLaser component and call ToggleLaser function. Setup laser socket names in this component and the length of the laser trace. The socket setup you can see in the SM_Rifle. You will find more information about this in the new weapon setup chapter (№ 17).

Picture 24 - Setup laser component

The location of the 3D laser can be changed here: 

Picture 24 - Change the location of the laser

You can change the line trace distance of your laser here

Picture 24 - Change the laser line trace length

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