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AI has 2 ways of patrol: it can find any free PatrolPoint and capture it for some time.

Or you can make AI follow a prepared path. You need to use the BP_PatrolPath blueprint. Set it to the PatrolPath AI component. AI will walk along spline points. 

To set the weapon of the AI you need to add or change any element of the equipment in the equipment component. The data table needs to be a DT_Items and a row is the W_<name> row of the weapon you want to use. If you also want to change the type of the equipped weapon - you need to change CurrentType in the equipment component (Picture 39). 

Picture 39 - Set AI’s weapon

To set the health of the AI you need to open the AI's blueprint and change the health variable. To change AI’s walk speed you need to open AI’s blueprint and change MaxWalkSpeed variable in the Character Movement Component. You can change the range of the AI’s sight of the AI in his controller’s perception component. The controller of the AI you can find in the AI’s blueprint.  In the blueprint of the AI you can also modify the damage AI is dealing per shot. (Picture 40, 41). 

Picture 40 - Health, damage and walk speed of the AI

Picture 41 - AI controller in the AI’s blueprint 

Picture 42 - AI Perception settings

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