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In this tutorial we will review a FindPhotograph quest (I recommend you to watch it in the overview before). In this quest we should take the quest -> find the photograph -> get it back to the NPC. 

AfterConversationSetup event is being fired with the start of the dialogue. So here we have an “Get the item” quest. If we already have this item, we will just forward the player to the part, where we ask him to give the item. 

Here we have an AddDecision function. This is the dialogue where you can choose one of the options. You can add options to the MakeArray function. The number of the dialogue, where the NPC asks about the item, is an array element number 6. This is why I am using the GetDialogueInfo function - to play a dialogue line.

You need to use any of these two functions to play a dialogue number 0. User GetDialogueInfo with ImportantDialogue structure with index 0 as an input. By doing this you take the first dialogue line from the array above, play the dialogue line and show subtitles. Example:

Now, after the player selects his option the MadeDecision event will be fired. In the AddDecision function we selected the first index. Now the second Switch: it depends on the option that player has selected.

Now, after AddNewDialogue, the CurrentDialogueFinished will be fired. The index depends on the index of the AddNewDialogue input index. 

To play a dialogue line you need to use AddNewDialogue (if you just want to play a line) or AddDecision (if you want to have a dialogue with some options). In both ways you use Important Dialogues structure with information about your dialogue: camera and data table row 

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