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To add a new armor you need to open DT_Armor and duplicate any row you want. In this data table you can set the type of the armor, it’s mesh, protection and custom blueprint

If you want to have a custom blueprint for your spawned armor you can change the Armor Blueprint. To do this you need to create a Child Blueprint Class using the ConnectedArmor.

To this blueprint you can add any component you want, the skeletal mesh will be initialized with a mesh from the data table on begin play. 

To use it in the game you need to initialize the armor in the DT_Items. In the InvTexture structure you need to set an information about your item: it’s size and texture.

New slot for Items data table with protection and mesh information can be created in the DT_Armor:

You can add armor by default in the AC_ArmorEquipment component. Add it to the Armor Equipment array. If you want to get armor you need to use the GetArmor function. 

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