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To setup your tank you need to use our datatables. You can find them in the next folder:


You can use this datatable to setup characteristics of cannon. For example, you can change the shot sound or reload time.


This datatable allow you to setup a minigun. Here you can change many parameters.


In this datatable you are able to switch sound that you will hear when shell will fly over your head (it will add some realistic in your game)


Here you can change repair time and repair sound of a track (enemies can break tracks of your tank and they will repair automaticly)


Finally, this is the most important datatable for tanks. You can change many settings in it.

How to apply settings

  •  DT_TankSettings. 

To do that you need to go to your tank BP and open “Class Default”. After that find and setup this:

  • DT_CannonSettings and DT_TurretSettings

  • DT_ShellsOverHead

  • DT_Track

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