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Zoe is a character and the main antagonist of Elmo's Country 2. She makes her debut in the first Elmo's Country film.


Zoe was Elmo's secretary, bodyguard, and warrior, originally. But Jack beheaded her in the first film, however. Later, she comes back to life because, unbeknownst to anyone else, Anti-Elmo put a fragment of his memory inside her, causing her body to slightly be under his control. Zoe manages to find Jack's house, just as Elmo is coming inside at night, half a year later. She, Jack, and Elmo fight, but Jack kicks her into the sky, and she lands at Elmo's factory, where she is greeted by Anti-Elmo. She and Anti-Elmo toss a bomb into Jack's  plane, which injures Elmo as a result, and sends the plane crashing. After defeating Anti-Elmo, however, they defeat Zoe by hitting her head, making it come off once again. Zoe is mentioned in the third film but not present. She makes an appearance in 4 and 5 as an antagonist. In Elmo’s Country 4, she is resurrected as a Zombie. Finally, in Elmo’s Country 5, she appears, but doesn’t have a physical appearance until the end, where she is turned good.


Zoe appears just like her Sesame Street counterpart, yellow, and wears a pink tutu. But this is just a disguise for her body, which is made of stiff, shiny plastic-like metal. Her interior is supposed to look like a combo of Bumblebee Transformer and her original ego from Sesame Street. When in robot mode, she has a blue piece of glass where her left eye is supposed to be, which likely serves as a scanner.


Because Zoe is a villain, she shows little or no sympathy at all for others, and will stop at nothing to inflict revenge. However, she simply has this personality because she was overrun by negative emotions. Her actual personality involves ballet, and she is Elmo’s best friend.


Like Elmo, Zoe has a vast ability to fight, despite losing against Jack(twice).

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