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The Figure is a character and the main antagonist of Jack’s Origin. It is an incarnation of Anti-Elmo.


The Figure was first seen by Jack, when he was younger. It tried to capture him, but failed. However, when Jack goes to fight it, it manages to catch Jack. Jack, however, frees himself from the van. After Jack pulls his machete from a rock, the Figure comes back, but Jack defeats it for good, and it reverts into Anti-Elmo’s memory cube.


The Figure is said to resemble Elmo; however, its face is obscured, and it can apparently hover above the ground. It is revealed to made out of data, however. Its limbs also appear to be able to stretch and contort.


Because it is an incarnation of Anti-Elmo, it shares Anti-Elmo’s personality. However, it is much more evil, and even has a dark-yellow sidekick(who is apparently Zoe’s Figure).

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