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(Not to be confused with Jack’s Apartment.)

Jack’s House is a location in Elmo’s Country. It is Jack’s spare house/old residence.


Jack’s house debuted in Elmo’s Country 2, as his original residence. He uses it as his homebase and eventually, he moves to a different place. However, the house returns in Elmo’s Country 4, where Hybrid and Elmo land. Jack also uses it in Elmo’s Country 5.


Jack’s house is simply a middle-class house. There is a living room, a bedroom, a basement which serves as his lab, and a kitchen. The house formerly had a green SUV parked in the driveway, which Elmo crashes by mistake. Jack’s lab is by far the most complex room, complete with chemicals, computers, and a device called the Flaming Tomb, which is a special type of incinerator. There is also a replica of Jack’s brain which is used to power Jackborg. Jackborg himself sits in a corner of the lab.


  • It is not used that much in the series.

  • It is the second location introduced into the franchise, the first (obviously) being Elmo’s Country.

    • It is technically the third if you count Elmo’s Second Factory.

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